The Culmination of Obama’s Indulgent Foreign Policy

Two years ago tomorrow, President Barack Obama delivered a rare address to the American people in prime time. It had been over one year since he had drawn his “red line” for action in Syria, and the last month of headlines were dominated by the news that it was being flagrantly and systematically violated. Chemical weapons were being deliberately dropped on civilians and rebel targets in Syria; the horrible images that emerged from that scene of death and the terrible precedent that was being set finally compelled Obama to action. His administration spent the preceding weeks feebly drumming up support both at home and abroad for intervention, but it was clear that there was no appetite for another war – even one as noble as that which Bashar al-Assad invited. Rather than make the case for American leadership that night, President Barack Obama took an off-ramp. He opted for a way out of his obligation to enforce international norms and his own self-imposed imperatives. It was a shortsighted approach to a crisis, and only serviced Obama’s own narrow, parochial political interests. Today, the fruits of that ill-conceived policy are more grave than anyone could have imagined.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I wish the powers that be would update their bandied about casualty figures for Syria. They’ve been saying the same ‘200,000’ for 2 years. It’s GOT to be twice that at this point.

  • Obama’s actions since his inauguration only make sense if he is a Muslim.

    When you keep this detail in mind, his actions read like a book.

    Thank a democrat for bringing us the Islamic Manchurian Candidate.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It will be many years, and certainly not in my lifetime, before American voters elect another president whose middle name is Hussein.

  • Everyone Else

    Assad and the Alawites ran an inclusive regime for 40 years that was safe for minorities, Christians and didn’t attack Israel.

    The Arab Spring triggered a jihadist rebellion in Syria disguised as a civil war.

    Despite tremendous losses to both sides in this war, Assad’s people are still risking their lives to defend their homeland.

    Obama realized (very late) that if he removed Assad, the Sunni jihadists would conquer Syria and his disastrous loss to ISIS would be cemented in the history books.

    Obama had a choice of being known as the guy whose “red line” had no meaning, or the guy who gave the mid-East to ISIS. He chose the least bad option for his personal reputation.

    • Fran800

      Wow, Everyone Else, good comment!
      That article was the most vicious and wrong-headed I ever read.
      I especially “liked” the part where he talked about Putin getting assurance from intervening in Damascas so that he could assert his county’s interests in Ukraine after the ouster of Yanukavich. He invaded and annexed Crimea, and de’stablized the eatern part of the country “with an army of pro-Russian rebels”. Now he is fielding an “expeditionary force” in Syria.”

      Crap. Noah doesn’t mention that the ouster of Yanukavich, a legitimately elected president who had only one more year to go before an election would be called, was ousted by a U.S. backed coup d’etat in Kiev which even had the loathsome Victoria Nuland, undersecretary of State, there handing out cookies and talking on her phone to the U.S. ambassador naming the P.M. and cabinet that would take over when they finally forced Yanukovich out. The 15 million Ukranians of Russian ethnicity in the East, who consistently voted for Yanukovich’s Party of the Regions, had been dis-enfranchised by the coup, and did not support the change of direction, Noah says that Putin “invaded and annexed” Crimea, except that his navy and military were already legally there under lease, where they had been for at least 200 years, and that the obvious intention of the western (and Soros) backed coup was to kick the Russians out and, by annexing Ukraine to the EU, to take over Crimea as a NATO base. And so on.
      This article is beyond sick.

      • Everyone Else

        never underestimate the stupidity of mainstream media including liberal jewish magazines claiming to be conservative

        if you have the time it’d be great to send your description of the timetable of events in russia/ukraine/crimea to John Podhoretz commentary editor-in-chief, Neal Kozodoy the editor-at-large, and any other names you can dredge out of their masthead. A big part of our world war is public opinion

  • john s

    So fighting to overthrow the Syrian regime would have been noble eh? Why not get into the Ukraine and support the separatists there?