Syrian ISIS suspect ‘is sleeping rough in Calais refugee camps in the hope of sneaking into the UK to wage terror’

A Syrian man suspected of being a member of ISIS is sleeping rough in Calais’ Jungle migrant camp in the hope of sneaking into the UK to commit acts of terror, it has been claimed.

French media said the man is being hunted by armed police in the northern port town and has been categorised as a ‘category S’ criminal – meaning he is considered a potential threat to the state.

Thousands of refugees are currently living in camps in and around Calais, with some of them causing chaos in recent months by attempting to sneak into UK-bound cars and lorries, or otherwise risk their lives storming the Eurotunnel and walking along the tracks to southern England.

  • infedel

    Why is the West so dumb — we fought this war hundreds of years ago.

  • Everyone Else

    never mind the bombers, how many rapists are coming in

    • Petey the First

      Every. Single. One. Islam justifies it.


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      • Justin St.Denis

        But raping pasty white British women is akin to fucking Caspar. Just sayin’…..

  • Dana Garcia

    Only one? That’s hard to believe.

    • lolwut?

      If you follow Tommy Robinson’s Twitter feed you’ll see more pop up.

      I’ve seen at least 5 so far, pictures of them at camps and the same person
      posing with guns in either Iraq or Syria.

      He’s been posting them pretty regularly, the media of course ignores them
      who knows what happens to the ones that are being picked out of photos
      it only appears to be the Hungarians who are making an effort to identify them.

      One of the guys who shot and killed 20 people at that museum in Tunisia
      arrived on on a boat with “Refugees”.. there are photo’s of him giving a peace sign. Italy kicked him out and he did the shooting a few days later.

  • Petey the First

    Those camps are exactly what napalm was designed for. Kill them now because we’re only going to have to kill them later when they are at our throats.

  • tom_billesley

    Juncker’s latest wheeze
    Give the invaders EU passports so that those with an exemption from the quotas (UK, Ireland and Denmark) can’t turn them away.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The French should simply fly these pieces of shit to Britain, leave them in a field somewhere. Britain and Britons WANT more muslims, otherwise they would LOWER the welfare, housing and other state support offered to Middle Eastern pieces of shit. Britain WANTS MORE SHIT. I say, SEND MORE SHIT TO BRITAIN.

    When Britain is COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT – population-wise, of course, since Britain has been full of shit politically and philosophically for almost a century now – carpet bomb it with neutron bombs. Neutron bombs – aka “the real estate bomb” – leave land and structures unaffected, but rid same of the tiresome human animal element.

    Britain will make a LOVELY TOURISM FEATURE, something like DisneyWorld only run by whatever forward-thinking nation decides to put Britain and Britons out of their misery for good.

  • WalterBannon

    they are all ISIS

    Just get out the flame throwers and BBQ them all