Staggering Corruption at the Heart of Obama’s ISIS Intelligence Scandal

Is the U.S. winning the war against ISIS? To listen to administration spokesmen, you would think so. Never mind that the terror group controls an area the size of the United Kingdom or that its hold on Mosul, Fallujah, and Ramadi remains unshaken. Never mind that ISIS continues to draw large numbers of foreign recruits, that it continues to destroy antiquities, enslave women, and commit numerous other atrocities. “ISIS is losing,” John Allen, the retired marine general who coordinates the anti-ISIS campaign, proclaimed in July.

  • eMan14

    At this point, what difference does it make? It would be nice to have the truth… but we’ll never get it from him or his administration.

    • You’re right and the MSM is complicit.

      • Exile1981

        I predict a treaty between obama and isis. The end result will be isis suddenly called a new name and the msm claiming that isis 2.0 defeated isis and now we have a treaty with them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Chris Matthews of MSNBC is this era’s Lord Haw Haw.


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  • WalterBannon

    Obama’s face makes me seethe with anger