Saudi Diplomat Accused of Raping Nepalese Maids

Saudis are our friends:

Two Nepalese maids who alleged they were beaten and raped by a Saudi diplomat in India were taken to a women’s shelter in Nepal on Thursday.

The women had their faces covered and were protected by several police officers on arrival at the Kathmandu airport. They were whisked away in a waiting van to a women’s shelter, and did not speak to reporters.

The women, who were working as maids in the diplomat’s house near New Delhi, were picked up on Monday after a non-governmental organization tipped off police. The police said a medical examination of the women confirmed they were raped, and a case of rape and illegal confinement was registered against the diplomat, who has not been named.

He has claimed diplomatic immunity, and the Saudi Embassy in a statement Wednesday denied the allegations against him. The embassy also complained that the police violated diplomatic protocol by entering the diplomat’s residence.

  • wallyj180


    “Kuwait’s abused domestic workers have ‘nowhere to turn’ ”

    One actually got ‘ accidentally’ eaten by her owner’s lion. you may have to look that one up.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Someone should write ‘diplomatic immunity’ on a broomstick and proceed to shove said broomstick as far up his righteous Saudi ass as possible.

  • There is a pattern of this sort of behaviour. Other countries should realise this before they let diplomats in.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Those girls will get canned and stoned for their sins.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure there will be a story in the Toronto Star that the women are islamophobic.

  • Bill

    Muslim Excuses 101:
    “I didn’t realise that she wasn’t a whore – after all only a whore would enter my house if she wasn’t family.”
    “I come from a poor family where we didn’t get much education about women”
    “I paid her. Therefore she must do all I ask her to. And like it.”
    “The Qur’an doesn’t say we can’t have slaves, it just says it is praiseworthy to release them.”
    “All of the other diplomats have sex with those Nepalese women in their houses – I’m not sure what your problem with this is.”
    “My country will fully support me in this matter – you Indians are just being prejudiced against our honoured traditions of Saudi Arabia.”
    “Here’s a thousand bucks – that should cover the damage. Well, OK, eleven hundred then, but I get to keep her stuff.”
    “Bring me another maid. This one is no longer a virgin”

  • Canadian

    What? A guy can`t use the things he owns?

  • tom_billesley

    Saudis are a bit hazy about the distinction between “employee” and “slave”.

  • Blacksmith

    I am shocked……. okay maybe not.