Saudi Diplomat Accused of Raping Nepalese Maids

Saudis are our friends:

Two Nepalese maids who alleged they were beaten and raped by a Saudi diplomat in India were taken to a women’s shelter in Nepal on Thursday.

The women had their faces covered and were protected by several police officers on arrival at the Kathmandu airport. They were whisked away in a waiting van to a women’s shelter, and did not speak to reporters.

The women, who were working as maids in the diplomat’s house near New Delhi, were picked up on Monday after a non-governmental organization tipped off police. The police said a medical examination of the women confirmed they were raped, and a case of rape and illegal confinement was registered against the diplomat, who has not been named.

He has claimed diplomatic immunity, and the Saudi Embassy in a statement Wednesday denied the allegations against him. The embassy also complained that the police violated diplomatic protocol by entering the diplomat’s residence.