Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum threatens to become federal election issue

It’s Ottawa’s turn for the uneasy lessons of sex ed.

With school restarted, so is the standoff over Ontario’s new health curriculum, and some angry parents say they’re determined to send a message to federal Liberals over provincial frustrations.

Voters say the curriculum has the capacity to sway the outcome of at least one riding – Don Valley West, home to the Toronto neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Park, where hundreds of parents home-schooled their children this week in protest. Many of them say they see sex education as a sign that the Liberal Party has become less friendly to immigrants, particularly religious Muslims.


Let’s see if the Globe allows this comment through.

How can the Liberal Party be upset?

This is the diversity they champion in action!

The diversity they claim to love!

At any rate the Wynne government already allows schools in Thorncliffe Park to enforce gender segregation during Islamic prayer services in what is supposed to be a secular education system i.e. Valley Park Middle School.

The Wynne government and the TDSB also permit the stigmatization of menstruating girls by forcing them to sit at the very back during these rituals.

I suspect this hypocrisy will be repeated, the sex-ed curriculum will be quietly dropped from Muslim majority schools. Count on it.