How Islamic State Used The Iconic Photo Of Drowned Syrian Child To Warn Against Leaving Its ‘Caliphate’

The photo of Aylan Kurdi, the drowned 3-year-old Syrian boy whose lifeless body was found washed up on a Turkish beach last week, is by now distressingly familiar.

Published by hundreds of media outlets all around the world, the shocking images of the small child who died fleeing war and terror in his homeland has stirred the conscience and emotions of Europe.

So the photo’s appearance in the latest edition of the Islamic State (IS) group’s propaganda magazine, Dabiq, this week is upsetting.

But it is not surprising.


The entire issue of Dabiq 11 is below.


  • They’re taking their cues from the Left in Canada! Don’t forget we’re living in the internet age — ISIS can see everything we can see.

    They saw how the Left politically exploited the photo to attack Stephen Harper and benefit from it, and asked themselves: “Hey, the infidels are politically exploiting this photo, we need to get ahead of the infidels — how can we use this photo to demonstrate the just cause of Islamic State instead?”

    The Left in Canada and Islamic State basically share the same values regarding human tragedy: its utility for advancing their fascistic ideologies.


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  • Canadian

    The child was fleeing war and terror in Turkey?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Absolutely shameless.

    Just what you’d expect from a marauding band of savages.

  • Gary

    In about 7 years the islamists would have strapped a bomb to this kid and sent him in a mall or infidel school to slaughter hundreds for allah’s cause.

    The Toronto -18 muslim terrorists were born in Canada and still wanted to kill us, the bogus refugees from somalia in the early 1990’s have many still on welfare while we now see some mosques pumping out terrorist.

    Justin want them , let Justin sell his $1million classic Benz and stay in his mansion with his daughters if they are so nice.

  • Gary

    I’ll see that Propaganda photo and raise ISIS 1 real photo .

    Where was l’il Justy and Tommy when this girl had her head sawed off???