Haroooooooon is baaaaaaaack and he still doesn’t like Stephen Harper

In case you were missing him.

You are Stephen Harper… You woo those Hindu bigots who want to continue their ancestral animosity toward Muslims. You court right-wing Zionists who equate supporting Israel with demonizing those who speak up for Palestinian rights.

…For four years, you callously ignore the cold-blooded killing of about 300,000 Syrians by the evil Bashar Assad (a far bigger toll than during the 1990s ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia). But you swing into action to try and rescue Iraqi and Syrian Christians, Yezidis and other minorities from the evil Islamic State.

…You try and emote sympathy (sic), talking about little Alan (sic) Kurdi….The Kurdi family were Damascenes who escaped Assad’s war to Aleppo, which they fled when he began carpet-bombing it. They moved to Kobani, from where, following an attack by ISIS, they made their ill-fated trek to Europe. (Yeah, about that – ed.)

Blah blah blah. Malick’s got something up too I see but I can only take so much of this crap per day so I’m not reading it.                                         h/t ontario john