Hamilton’s Police Chief Hounded By Grievance Mongers For Something He Never Wrote Or Said But Should Have

Hamilton Police Chief De Caire under fire for murder email

City councillors are rattled by an email distributed by Hamilton police Chief Glenn De Caire that seems to endorse the idea the black community needs to stop blaming police for its problems.

“I’m very concerned,” said Coun. Matthew Green. “Does the Chief not understand how that … might create a culture of us-versus-them when it comes to community relationships?

De Caire sent the email to police members Aug. 13, the day after Shariek Douse, a black teenager, was gunned down in the parking lot of a MacNab Street North public housing complex.

It consists of a note from an unidentified resident thanking police for their work on the case and featuring the provocative sentence: “I also wanted to say that I believe it is time for these black kids to stop blaming the police for the problems and take responsibility for the actions of the youth.”

In forwarding the message to police members De Caire appended his own signed note congratulating the officers who responded to the homicide and encouraging them to keep up the good work.

Green, Hamilton’s first black council member, argues that by distributing the letter unedited or without cautionary comment, De Caire is giving his stamp of approval to the view that blacks need to stop blaming their problems on police.

Well ya know, maybe there’s something to that whole blame thing?