Expediting National Suicide with ‘Refugees’

Should the United States take in (even more) Syrian refugees?


And here’s why.

We have already committed to accepting thousands of Syrians over the course of the next five years. So the decision to bring Syrians to our country is not one merely being debated, it is, regrettably, already well underway. (It is regrettable to have to say “regrettably” when talking about this, but Muslims pose a unique threat to free people everywhere.)

  • Alain

    Only the dishonest or total idiots can claim ignorance of the fact that Islam is not compatible with Western culture or values. In fact it is not compatible with any other culture and values. The Muslims themselves openly state the same, so no excuse for claiming ignorance.

    Another point that is mostly ignored is that none of them qualify as refugees in the historical sense. Historically refugees were grateful for any aid or help and were not equipped with iPhones, laptops and expensive ones at that. True refugees came with only their life and the cloths on their back, willing to work hard and to adapt to their generous host country.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since Obama is the Jihadist-In-Chief, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the agonizing in the article.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We should trade them for an equal or greater number of Mexicans.

  • ontario john

    Just heard great news for Toronto. The Mayor is holding a press conference where he is organizing a group to bring in two thousand refugees for Canada’s multi-cultural paradise of Toronto. I hope there is enough knives in stores for the additional stabbings that will add to the daily standard stabbings there. And of course he states that health care services will have to be arranged. Because we have such an abundance of health care right now in Ontario. But the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Alberta is going even farther. Groups in Edmonton are demanding that fifty thousand Syrians be brought to Canada. This should make the Christmas hating Mayor of Calgary happy. And of course the NDP government is on a rampage about the oil sands, planning massive new regulations for polluters in the province. How’s that new government working out for you Alberta??

    • Ho Hum

      I saw this disgusting news also. According to this CTV report John Tory is going to setup a “housing registry” for Syrian refugees who do not have a place to live. We all ready have a “housing registry” in this city. It is a ten year waiting list with over 90,000 names of Canadians waiting for affordable housing (10,000’s of them disabled and/or elderly). So it look like John Tory is planning on letting the Syrian refugees jump to the head of the line – way ahead of needy and deserving Canadians


      • WalterBannon

        John Tory is an asshole and not a conservative

        Did not vote for him

        Will work to get out the vote against him next time

      • mauser 98

        sounds like gun registry.. will be same results

  • Gary

    Seeing how it’s almost all the male Syrians abandoning their family back home , it now makes sense for why the Syrian Maher Arar used our Passport top globe trot and abandoned his family twice when he moved to Boston and went top the radical Mosque, then fled Tunisia and left his wife and kids there.

    Do we need more pro-sharia Syrian males in Canada that are loyal to allah’s cause and t are quick to spit on Canada along with abandoning their families for us to pay the bills.

  • WalterBannon
  • Dana Garcia

    NumbersUSA is an activist organization that advocates limiting immigration for environmental and worker-protection reasons. It has a free faxing service to the US Congress and other political figures to express voter opinion. Today it posted a fax to send recommending the non-acceptance of Syrians to the US.

    Founder Roy Beck posted his op-ed printed by the Chicago Sun-Times with the same sentiments.


  • Xavier

    Close. The. Borders. Now.
    I mean closed. “Leave and you might not get back in” closed.

    • G

      It’s way too late. The time to close them would have been 25 or 35 years ago. It’s a snowball rolling downhill now and it won’t stop.