Chief’s support at Blair event raises eyebrows #elxn42

Under the heading “political activity,” Ontario’s Police Services Act permits a police officer to engage in “political activity” as long as they are not “soliciting or receiving funds.” It is very clear that a cop of any rank can’t do anything “that places, or is likely to place, the police officer in a position of conflict of interest.”

So does Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders speaking at a fundraiser for former chief Bill Blair’s bid to win a seat in Parliament for the Liberals violate those guidelines?


Don’t worry no Liberal media outlet will cover it.

Our “police” operate as a private, armed political militia in Ontario.

They serve their union first, and their ostensible political masters second.

  • David Murrell

    …is all a wink-wink-nod-nod, Tammany Hall styled corruption, big-city corruption. The media are bought off. Nobody cares anymore.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • Everyone Else

    The Quebec police pension fund is so big it’s an elephant in the Quebec investment world. Everyone is afraid of its power and wants to please it.

  • Gary

    The Police have been political for years now because they use the Ontario Liberal party policy to enforce the laws.
    Take the PRIDE parade and Pro-hamas rallies for example.
    We see flags flown for Hizballah and hamas which are banned, we see child-abuse by muslims that drag children to protests as shields or to hold up signs that promote death to the jews .
    The PRIDE parade has overt nudity around children while Wynne refuses to enforce the Federal Law that protects children for this display in public by adults .

    The Police are now an extension of the Government in Ontario with a loyalty to their $90,000.00 a year salary along with our Diversity Police loyal to their people and not Canada Laws.

    I knew something was amiss when Blair spoke at the Press meeting over the Toronto 18 young muslim male pakistani background terrorist Plot to use truck bombs and slaughter 1000,s of people.
    Blair said that these quran-reading , mosque going , mekkah praying , self professed muslims and followers of islam …..had NOTHING to do with islam , muslims, or the quran .

    THAT alone was Liberal spin , add that to him allowing child-abuse during the PRIDE parade when it was gays breaking the law and you have a Liberal candidate in waiting.

    • Clausewitz

      Don’t forget Caledonia. The police are not even following court orders.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    What I find to be the saddest thing is my complete erosion of trust in any police department in Canada – As a youngster in the ’50s I was brought up to respect police but not anymore – After Caledonia I simply do not believe anything the police at any level have to say – The OPP are a disgrace with the way they are handling the Wynne investigations and they should all be ashamed of themselves – Recent SIU decisions have only reinforced my beliefs – I weep for my once proud Canada-