The Syrian Refugee Wave Hits Europe: Invasion, Immigration, or Both?

It has become well-accepted in the West that Europe and the United States ought to welcome hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Based on the available evidence, that accepted perspective spells disaster for the character and safety of the West.

  • Martin B

    Nigel Farage tells EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that it’s madness to let in so many “refugees”, the boats must be stopped now a la Australia, and if the EU doesn’t give control of borders back to the UK, the UK will vote to leave the EU. Jean-Claude tells Nigel the opinions of anyone who doesn’t agree with him are worthless:

    “It’s 160,000 refugees in total that Europeans have to take into their arms, and I really hope that this time everyone will be on board – no rhetoric, action is what is needed”

    No you brain-dead bastard it’s not 160,000 “refugees” in total, it will be 160 million if the flood gates stay open.

    • Rosenmops

      If EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to live with filthy inbred goat-humpers then he should move to Syria himself instead destroying Europe. The EU has really lost the plot–the people running it seem to be insane.

    • The tone of Juncker in his recent speech to the EU parliament was like that of a dictator telling his inferiors what to think and do, as if they have no right to a contrary opinion. His arguments were completely illogical. He really is brain-dead.

  • Europe’s liberal fools have bit off more than they will be able to deal with.

    This will not end the way the liberals want.

    The immigration is an invasion. There will be blood.

  • ed

    last week 3 miles from where I live, a 24 year old female was dragged from her car in a supermarket car park ,forced into bushes at knifepoint stabbed and beaten half to death ,raped and left unconscious ,description of attacker [ 25-35 year old male of middle eastern appearance ] ed uk

    • Brenda

      Unfortunately, fairly typical stuff from these cave-dwellers. It’s difficult and dangerous to live anywhere near them, particularly for females.

    • They really are cavemen. They live in the 21st cent. but their mentality is from way back when.

  • Hard Little Machine

    People are like money or toothpaste. They flow from high pressure to low pressure.

  • ed

    uk news spoke to a invader in Serbia ask how he found is way he said , I followed the trail of rubbish left on the roadside

    • Rosenmops

      They are going to make great EU citizens! So diverse!