Russia Confirms It Has Military Advisers in Syria

MOSCOW — The Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that Russian military advisers were in Syria, but it said that their presence was part of a longstanding agreement to provide military aid to the Middle Eastern country.

Russian military aid to Syria has become a new source of tension between Washington and Moscow over the past few days, with the United States accusing Russia of escalating the conflict.

“Russian military specialists help Syrians master Russian hardware, and we can’t understand the anti-Russian hysteria about this,” said Maria V. Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, adding that Russia had never made a secret about its cooperation with Syria over military technology.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    So Russia is siding with the Shiites against the Sunnis. Time to make Putin take in his fair share of refugees.

  • In a Muslim country you get either a strong man government or an Islamist government. There is no other choice.

    The only way a strong man government can exist is to exert force over the Islamic forces within society.

    Assad, to stay in power, is doing just as any other strong man would do in an Islamic country.

    This is Islam.

    If you want a democratic government, you must rid the country of Islam.

  • Ho Hum
  • Hey, remember when everyone said that Putin was a good Christian and would fight Islamists?

    If it’s not one regime, it’s another.

  • Maggat

    So far he’s not doing a very good job.

  • mobuyus

    I believe that Putin will make great changes in Syria, like in Crimea or Donetsk.