Calling on Paul Wells and the Media Party to do more than just tweet

Did you see the viral video that just came out of Hungary? It showed a stampede of migrants illegally rushing through the country en route to the big welfare payouts promised in Germany.

  • Exile1981

    Until the lefties agree to take in a refugee and house them and support them at their own expense for 10 years the whole tweets about bringingbover refugees is just them trying to make themselves feel good at others expense.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Paul Wells gap toothed fuck like Rosemary Barton.

  • Rioting refugees? And they haven’t even spent a day in a refugee camp yet? My experience with genuine refugees is that they are broken people, tired, ill, hungry and forlorn. Only too happy to finally be in a safe place away from the violence, even if it’s just a smelly dirty dusty refugee camp. And on their best behaviour, while they process their applications in hopes that they will pass the vetting and a host country and sponsors will accept them. For the three refugee families that I brought into Canada it was a waiting game that took months, and even years in one case. They all turned out to be responsible law-abiding citizens.

    Genuine refugees do not have the energy, or the motive, to riot or break the law.

  • eMan14

    Well done Ezra.

  • I must disagree with Ezra on this – the camera woman who tripped up a fleeing “refugee” did not commit an assault but a civic act: she was helping the policemen trying to catch a runaway illegal. Nothing more legal than that for any citizen – to stop a criminal and get him caught. She should not have been fired, but praised. The “refugees” are ILLEGAL immigrants, i.e. entering countries against the law, therefore criminals that can and should be arrested.

    • Tripping an old man, with a child who is probably his grandchild? Yeah right. He was probably just following the crowd in all the confusion.

      Why not trip some of the young men, especially the ones who are still dressed in military fatigue pants, so the police can catch them and find out who they really are?

      Besides, I don’t believe in “activist journalism”. That’s what got journalist Mohamed Fahmy into trouble — instead of just reporting on MB protests, he became an active participant in the protests. Even his employer, Al Jazeera, abandoned him to his fate. And now Stephen Harper is expected to pick up the slack and rescue the guy? Hogwash. Journalists have to go back to reporting the facts again at a safe distance from the melee. They shouldn’t participate.

      • Hi RJ – I agree with your comments somewhat, but not entirely.

        The fact that an old man carrying a child was tripped is sad. But the old man and the child who he perhaps uses as a human shield were strong enough to get that far, and still quite illegal. They were in disrespect of the laws of the land they were on – just laws in this case – because they tried to escape from the police rather than surrender to them on request. If an old man carrying a child steals a purse in the street and the victim yells “stop-thief!” and someone trips over the fleeing thief, is that assault or good citizenship? I think that the rule of law deserves to be defended, and that by all law-abiding citizens.

        That said, I agree wholeheartedly that journalists should be reporters of facts, and not twisters of fact and reporters of fiction, activists for leftist ideals. But if a reporter in the Nazi era had actively saved a Jew or two, I would certainly praise him or her. Journalists nowadays, however, use their privileged positions daily to push a leftist agenda which is leading us all into Islamic darkness, death and slavery, and that at great speed. They are not humanitarians but accomplices to murder and destruction, for that is just what the current crop of “refugees” are carrying with them. In this context, the camera woman in question is a brave defender of freedom against the coming Islamo-fascist era, and she deserves praise.

        • Hi Avi, I won’t belabor the point and must admit my bias in favour of Ezra — I honestly love the guy for his “chutzpah”.

          Also, good point about the Nazi era, or in any emergency situation for that matter where innocent lives could be saved. But I think in a case like that a journalist should put down the camera, put on their “citizen hat” as it were, and jump right in. I fear in the days in which we are living it would not happen that way — journalists would keep the camera rolling and the result would be nothing short of “tragedy porn”, with no lives being saved.

          I once worked in refugee camps, and I must admit that I too took a few photos. But can honestly say that I never took a photo without first asking permission of my subject (if it was a child I asked permission of the guardian), and secondly explaining what the photo would be used for. Usually it was accompanied by an interview, and if the person didn’t want certain facts published for fear of reprisals then the request was accommodated.

          I agree wholeheartedly with your characterization of the left agenda, which is a self-serving political agenda, not humanitarian, blind to the enveloping Islamic darkness.

          • Hi Ricardo,
            I agree with your “citizen hat” remark – journalists are also citizens after all, with the same rights and duties. Good point about “tragedy porn” – this is really what most journalists are into nowadays, showing they are essentially voyeurs without heart, using suffering to project an image of morality for their egos and careers.
            I also admire Ezra.

  • Jabberwokk