Mulcair supports anti-Catholic views of staffer #elxn42

He must or he would have fired Shawn Dearn, his director of communications.

  • The Butterfly

    Michael Coren says not to vote Conservative because Jesus hates Israel and Mike Duffy:

    So do you think he’s voting for Bushface or Shiny Pony?

    • David Murrell

      Whichever opposition leader hates Christians and Jews the most, will win Coren’s vote.

    • It’s about the fifth time in his life Coren has changed his religion, and hence his politics. But even back in the day when he was pretending to be conservative Catholic and pro-Israel, I suspected that something was amiss. Especially when he passionately defended Sid Ryan’s anti-Semitic remarks; whereby, Ryan called for the firing of “all Jewish University professors in Canada”.

  • David Murrell

    Well, this kerfuffle will certainly boost NDP Leader Mulcair’s chances. Here is Shawn Dearn’s Linkin’s page:

  • Justin St.Denis

    Gotta love that pic of Tommy Two-Passports. His hands always look like the recent recipients of a five-finger discount. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • mobuyus

      Check out his eyes when he is speaking in in his practiced scripted measured tones, sooner or later he will erupt. Physcologicaly he cannot keep this up.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I remember reading that his handlers had to teach Tommy Two Passports to smile. Problem is, Tommy does not seem to know WHEN to use this new skill, some throws in a flash-smile atthe WEIRDEST moments, underlining his diabolically inhuman personality/character/political ideology.

  • Poor Mulcair, he’s exercising so much phoney self-control to keep up his image, he must just explode with emotion when he gets home at night. The Dippers are literally salivating at the prospect that there’s a real possibility — for the first time in Canadian history — that they might rule Canada but knowing they must not show their true colours. Mulcair has already promised since last year that he will bring back the forced collectivization of prairie farmers through the Wheat Board. Farmers who don’t comply can be fined or jailed as before — it’s a Stalinist agricultural model, but the media has buried the story.

    The NDP is still officially a Democratic Socialist (i.e. Marxist/Communist) party, and not Social Democrats (i.e. as in the U.S. Democratic party). Which means power, power, power and absolute power is still their ultimate goal. But they must not show it.

    And the CBC is literally slobbering over the prospect. In a news broadcast yesterday a CBC pundit twice referred to Mulcair as “Prime Minister Mulcair”, while not once did he refer to Stephen Harper as “Prime Minister Harper”. Instead he called him “Harper”, “Conservative leader Harper”, etc., but never “Prime Minister”.

    The handwriting is on the wall, folks.

  • It’s like the NDP wants people to vote against it.

    Of course the idiots will vote for it but that was a given.

  • ontario john

    The media has quickly dropped this story. No outrage or calls for his aide’s resignation. I guess its ok for a socialist party to defame a Christian faith.

  • andycanuck

    WTF do the Conservative “offences” have to do with this story? F@ck CP and the Sun.

  • andycanuck

    Screen-saves here along with other anti-R.C. quotes from the NDP:

    • mobuyus

      Just another embittered gear box miserable about his life style choice. mulcair can’t toss him because he really needs the votes of the deviant community..

  • mobuyus

    I don’t trust anyone with C.A.I.R. in their name. I think mulcair converted to islam while in France. All he will say when asked about his religion is that he was raised Catholic.