Migrant on why he doesn’t want to stay in Hungary: “[Hungary is] not giving us like in Germany… a house, money…”

Europe’s Migration Crisis

Half a million migrants and refugees are known to have entered the European Union during the first eight months of 2015; that number may increase to more than one million before the year is through. This figure does not include individuals who got into the EU undetected.

A total of 364,183 migrants entered the European Union by sea between January and August, compared to 280,000 for the whole of 2014, according to updated statistics published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on September 3, 2015.

Of the total maritime arrivals, 245,274 arrived in Greece, 116,649 in Italy, and 2,166 arrived in Spain. The top countries of origin are: Syria, followed by Afghanistan, Eritrea, Nigeria, Albania, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Iraq.

  • pdxnag

    China has a bunch of ghost cities. Point them that way.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Russia also has wide open spaces in Siberia.

  • Dana Garcia

    The freebie moocher in the Ramones t-shirt caught my eye.

    Plus, Hungary seems to be a bastion of sanity:

    “It’s not 150,000 migrants coming that some want to divide according to quotas, it’s not 500,000, a figure that I heard in Brussels, it’s millions, then tens of millions, because the supply of immigrants is endless.” — Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary.

  • simus1

    Apparently fit young men of the desirable military age category from assorted muslim hellholes.
    Perhaps they prefer fighting for allah by standing around in long welfare registration lines in Europe rather than dodging bullets and being bitten by sand fleas (aka sand flies) in the wild wastelands of the middle east?

    • Martin B

      Assad is getting desperate to hold on to what’s left of Syria, and he needs manpower. If these invading parasites had stayed home, they would have all been conscripted into Assad’s army. So they’ve abandoned their women, their children and their country to Islamic State and run off to the Land of Infidels where the streets are paved with gold and welfare benefits.

      • Fran800

        Many of them are Kurds, including the father of the boy on the beach. I was thinking if they are anti-Assad, they might have signed up with the Kurdish army that we are supposedly supporting. Even some Europeans and Americans are going to fight with the Kurds. But not this lot.
        How un-refugee these people look with their running shoes and their cell phones.

        • simus1

          Kurds have a long history of simmering factionalism breaking out into minor civil wars at the worst possible times. A few years back Erdogan’s Turkish Special Forces got ambitious and tried to “help” put a puppet Kurd government in place “to increase protection for the ethnic Turkish minorities in the Mosul – Kirkuk areas. The Americans were aware of the plot and arrested everyone in the area at the last moment which really enraged the Erdoganites.

        • mobuyus

          If they won’t fight for their countries they will not fight for ours. They are always on the lookout for greener pastures and softer targets.

      • tom_billesley
        • mobuyus

          I guess ya just can’t trust Asians.

  • Dogandcat

    Why not invite invaders that won’t try to distroy you??? Chinese? Thai? Etc…………………this is the proud result of being a proper welfare state. Spend all your money on free stuff……….nothing on defense because others will do it for you. All the photos show young men of military age………I don’t think they are going to want to wash toilets and do manual labour.

  • tom_billesley

    I guess I missed the news items on the terrible conflict in Albania.