Jihadi John tops secret ‘kill list’ of five Isil extremists

Jihadi John is at the head of a “kill list” of five Isil extremists signed off by David Cameron as legitimate targets for drone strikes in Syria, The Daily Telegraph understands.

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said that Britain will “not hesitate” to carry out drone strikes against a group of jihadists who are plotting to carry out “armed attacks on our streets”.

He indicated that further air strikes could be carried out in Syria within weeks to prevent terrorist atrocities in the UK from “coming to fruition”.

  • I sympathize with the Brits and targeted assassinations in this case. Although many Canadians wouldn’t. But then Canada hasn’t had anyone beheaded in the street as Britain has. Yet.

    I remember how for years people criticized Israel for targeted assassinations. Now we are beginning to understand why they do it.

    • I think it is a prudent policy, the Jihadis are monsters, no mercy should be shown.