Isis Claims to Hold Norwegian, Chinese Captives

CAIRO — The Islamic State group on Wednesday claimed to be holding a Norwegian man and a Chinese consultant hostage and demanded ransom for their release.

The extremist group posted pictures of the two men wearing yellow prison outfits in the latest issue of its online magazine Dabiq. It identifies the Norwegian man as Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, 48, from Oslo, and the Chinese man as Fan Jinghui, 50, a freelance consultant from Beijing.

The magazine lists a telegram number for “whoever would like to pay the ransom for his release and transfer.”

  • V10_Rob

    Ya done goofed, ISIS. Never take hostages and then seek a ransom from a government that has almost as little regard for human life as you do.

    Unless he’s connected, Beijing will probably tell them to piss off. A retaliatory crackdown on muslims in Chinese territory would not be a surprise, either. Or if the ChiComs are really feeling the need to project their power, maybe they’ll take a page from Soviet Russia and kidnap the families of ISIS chiefs.

  • And the NDP wants us to send only aid workers, and no more military. So who, exactly, is supposed to provide security for the aid workers so they aren’t kidnapped or killed, if not the military?

    Let the NDP and Paul Dewar put their money where their mouth is. Let’s pull out all the military and send Paul Dewar and his NDP volunteer aid workers to risk their lives over there. And when they get kidnapped for ransom, the NDP can pay for it, or better still Sid Ryan and the Unions!