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There is a great deal of discussion about Kim Davis, the clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, jailed by U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning who found her in contempt of court on September 3, 2015. She defied the court order to issue marriage licenses as required in her capacity as County Clerk. Davis refuses to issue marriage licenses in protest of the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015 that made same-sex marriage lawful across the United States. She justifies her refusal to issue marriage licenses on the grounds of her religious objection to same-sex marriage.

  • pdxnag

    The state marriage statutes were declared invalid by the US Supreme Court, and have not yet been redrafted so as to provide for marriages to gay couples along with natural couples. The marriage statutes are thus void, and remain so.

    “State laws challenged by Petitioners in these cases are now held invalid to the extent they exclude same-sex couples from civil marriage on the same terms and conditions as opposite sex couples. ” slip opinion page 23.


    Kim Davis was thus in full compliance with the US Supreme Court by not issuing any marriage licenses.

    Acceptance of gay marriage is the poison pill to the recognition of any marriages. A state legislature can certainly choose to codify the court opinion by removing the word marriage entirely from their statutes.

  • Ed

    Some laws are ruthlessly enforced hmmm? The laws in respect of illegal immigration… not so much. If his honor was to be consistent, Ms. Davis would have Obama as a bunk mate.

    • Clinton

      So true. Also, those mayors who have declared their cities “sanctuary
      cities” and chosen to ignore immigration laws also need to share
      a cell with Ms. Davis.

      Oh, wait. Those folks are leftist– so that’ll never happen…

  • G

    The fags aren’t content in having her jailed they have to smear her too from the safer of their home. Real class.

    Who has more courage?

    • Gary

      It’s the GayStapo thugs I warned about that were bent on forcing their perverted perception of the world on the 98% .

      Note how the homofascists won’t go after Mosques or muslim businesses.

  • G

    “Safety of their home.” Fucking auto correct

  • A good woman, G-d bless her. Integrity is rare these days.

    • Seneca III

      Just hang that sexual deviant of a Judge who incarcerated her, and hang him in his excrement smeared shirt tails for all to see.

      Grasp that nettle or kiss goodbye to love, care, the decency of family life and the biological norms of human reproduction. It really is that simple.