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Hillary Clinton’s Bungled Reboot

It’s a bad sign when your presidential campaign needs a reboot. It’s a worse sign when your advisers announce that reboot publicly.

That’s exactly where Hillary Clinton finds herself this week. In an attempt to right what is universally seen as a listing campaign, the Democratic frontrunner is attempting to reassure her supporters, donors, and party—as well as prospective supporters and donors—that she has what it takes to run and win a race. But so far, the hamfisted execution of that reboot suggests that she hasn’t learned enough from the debacle of her 2008 campaign, and it’s hard to imagine that events of the last two days will do much to reassure major donors and party leaders.

  • Hit the “reset” button Hillary.

    Reset yourself into the kitchen and bake cookies for Bill.

  • Dana Garcia

    Reintroduce herself, reboot, restart — I can’t keep track of all these new beginnings for the rather familiar pol.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I still think that Hillary is only running to make money.
      If she ever managed to win the presidency that would be a pleasant side effect to her.
      It’s a bug not a feature.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I agree. People forget that the money a candidate raises and doesn’t spend is the politician’s to keep, whether successful or not. And money is all that has ever interested the Clintons. Which makes one wonder how much they paid Webb Hubbell to father Hillary’s daughter Chelsea, who is Hubbell’s double DESPITE Chelsea’s chin (plastic) surgery.

        • ntt1

          Are you sure? doesn’t somebody like hildebeast go more for turkey basters?that and muslim brotherhood pillow chocolates. getting a hummer has a very specific meaning top hildebeast.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Yes, I am certain

  • mobuyus

    Old leather face needs a reboot to her head.

  • moraywatson

    I do not think a reboot is going to do it. She needs a complete virus scan and defragging.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Not to mention the extra two acres of skin hanging from her skull and face. Wow, what a mess! And she is barely 65! She looks about 95 in that picture.

      And, inexcusable as it is, Hillary is also about 30 pounds overweight, which I find personally revolting. Squishy women are such a turn-off!

      • ntt1

        she tirned alinsky’s crank back in the day.

  • Ed

    On the plus side, her Huma has a Weiner.

    • ntt1

      not true . one of the prime directives for huma was no more wieners, no more studs, its all tongue and groove from here on ion.

  • ntt1

    You know I have always thought that Icke guy was full of manure but every now and then hilary really does resemble a lizard person.

  • Clausewitz

    Another Day, another do over. This is really getting boring.