Hungarian tries to donate food to grateful migrants, they steal his bag

  • Rosenmops

    Don’t let any more of these damned savages into Canada.

  • Once they are settled in throughout Europe, the Muslim “refugees” will individually steal, rape and kill ad nauseum. Watch the crime statistics soar everywhere (if the governments truthfully release them), not to mention increased insecurity due to terrorist acts and threats. The EU and national officials who have brought this upon Europeans should be tried and imprisoned for treason. This includes the German chancellor Merkel who is in the front line of this suicidal open doors policy.

    • bob e

      well put avi. this is painful to watch. cause i know whats gonna happen.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    It’s like a goddamned petting zoo, but, with goat-fuckers instead of goats!

  • lolwut?

    We already have that kind of behavior here in Vancouver.

    Go volunteer at any drop-in in Vancouver and do this and you’ll find yourself
    completely surrounded by Chinese immigrants pawing and grabbing stuff
    been here for 30 years, can’t speak a word of English, spend their entire days
    just collecting free stuff so they can sell it on the street in Chinatown.

    Most of the drop-ins now almost completely ban them when anything of resale
    value is being handed out.

    They even target the Santa Claus and Gay pride parades
    a girl years ago got her wrist broken handing out candy along the Santa parade
    route when a Chinese woman reached out and literally ripped the bag off her arm
    and fled with it,

    Media of course never actually said what happened, just a girl was injured in a minor accident.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A fool and his goodie bag are soon parted, even a well meaning one.

    • infinite_whizdom

      you’re a tool.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Next time he gets raped; the time after, he gets killed. How do I know he’s crazy enough to get back? He’s a leftist…

  • Mal

    Sure. It’s who they are; it’s what they do.
    Remember the Norks? China sent trains loaded with supplies to them. They took the supplies AND the trains; and then sent the train operators back over the border on their own steam, as it were.
    When you’re “giving” to these types, never carry more than you’re prepared to lose entirely, in one go. More often than not, to greed.

  • Ed

    Who do you suppose learned more from this encounter?

  • Gary

    He’s the kind that we see in video’s having his head sawed off by muslims he thought were victims and could help them with a hug.