Wynne w̶r̶o̶n̶g̶ Lied about sex-ed consultation

It would be nice if parents upset about Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum, including those keeping their children out of school, could rely on at least one thing Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is telling them. But they can’t.

Wynne said her government consulted widely with parents about the contents of the curriculum. It did not.

  • DMB

    With this Liberal government they have cutted music programs, no field trips, no extra curricular, but hey LGBTQ agenda is more important than anything else for them.


    • Yup.

    • Make it very clear that this program was co-developed by a convicted child pornographer and the supporters of this program have NO problem with it.

      How did the awful mess happen? Because people allowed it.

      THAT’S why.

  • Ron MacDonald

    She probably spoke with a few perverts and ask for tips on grooming.

    • That I believe

    • mauser 98

      one of them helped write it

  • JoKeR

    You are not supposed to question people who declare themselves the moral and intellectual superiors of the ignorant masses.

    • mobuyus

      She really wants to play bum darts with Mr Harper.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He just happened to have been born with a cunt.

  • mauser 98

    Ohip clawbacks pay for teachers raises

    • She is a thief.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I don’t use the “C” word on Canadian websites in deference to Canadian women. That having been said, Kathleen Wynne is one.

  • Gary

    She lied to her husband and children all those years while being a Lesbian , now she a lesbian and still lies juts as Svend Robinson did and Libby Davies that turned gay and got into Politics.

    • Seems inbred.

    • Svend got into more than just homosexuality, then lying, then politics. He got into grand theft! A $55,000 jewellery heist caught on store video, that he tried to explain away by claiming that he was “depressed” playing on his Gay victim status. As a result he only got a rap on the knuckles, for a crime that would probably land anyone else in jail for many years.

      BTW, when I get “depressed” I go down to my local “Friends” bar for a couple beers, I don’t plan jewellery heists. Try it Svend, it works — plenty of friendly Gay bars in Vancouver.

      • David Murrell

        No, since he left politics he has been bopping around in Switzerland, woking as an LBGQ2 advisor and advising on AIDS panels. He also got his biography published, in 2013, “Svend Robinson: My Life in Politics”. So the fomer jewelry thief has friends in high plces, along with the left-wing judge who let him off easy.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Should be easy to inform the Swiss of their error. Have you an address we can reach associated to Svend or his employers? The Swiss loathe being hoodwinked, and also loathe the SR type (lying, thieving fag). I am fluent in all three languages spoken in Switzerland and would take great pleasure in informing the Swiss about Svend.

          • David Murrell

            I cribbed my post from Svend’s Wiki entry:

          • Justin St.Denis

            Thanks. Ithoughtyou might have an “in” somewhere. I have professional contacts in Switzerland. Iwilltakethis up with them as well. I have always loathed Svend Robinson, and likely always will.

  • RevnantDream

    she consulted all right, with the gay community on the best way to grooming children for themselves

  • Chris

    Conservative conspiracy. All those children absent from school today are the offspring of the elite conservative, Christ fearing, bible belt Republican whiteys. Islam openly embraces homosexuality. Diversity is preached by imams worldwide. Time for another scotch…..

    • dance…dancetotheradio


      • Chris

        This scotch has gone to my head, I’m trying to figure out how the liberals spin this one. Mike Harris, Stephen Harper, and white privilege will be bandied about by the liberals………….Did i mentioned we are on the traditional land of the missisonendoga nation?

    • David Murrell

      Wynne should pay off the Toronto Stern to do an investigative hit-piece on these boycotting Christians. The nerve of them.

  • LauraS

    I’d be more surprised if she HADN’T lied. She lied about the cost of cancelling the gas plants. She lied about trying to bribe a candidate from running. She lied about wiping computer hard drives. Every single speech, every news release, every word that comes from her mouth is a lie. The sexual grooming curriculum is no different.

    • dance…dancetotheradio


    • Javelina Harker

      We’re facing a dogged “ends justify the means” mandate. But whose ends? Who profits?

      • David Murrell

        Gays grooming the children, that’s who.

    • They’re also lying about the application of the Human Rights Code, the Canada Health Act, and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (see http://www.legalcrossroads.ca/e/sex-ed-ontario-new-health-physical-education-curriculum.cfm).

      There’s nothing in any of the above documents that state, or can even be remotely extrapolated to mean: “You must teach little children about homophobia and bullying”. First of all, neither of the two have been demonstrated to have an exclusive causal connection, especially with small children. Secondly, where did this mass mental disorder called “homophobia” come from, and where is it in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)? It simply does not exist. Moreover, most of the online bullying resulting in suicides among teenagers has occurred primarily with heterosexual teens bullying other heterosexuals (usually because they did something dumb such as “flashing”), not homosexuals.

      Raising your kids with traditional family values is not “homophobia”, it’s simply following a traditional family structure that has existed in every culture around the world for a million years of human history. And disagreeing with Gay marriage is not “homophobia” either, it’s freedom of conscience — guaranteed by our Charter and Constitution.

    • As my sister put it, she is just wicked.

      • Justin St.Denis

        And a bitch. I think that is broadly acknowledged. 😉

  • Barbara

    FYI- new school calendar has a ‘orange shirt day’ end of Sept., and an ‘ALLY WEEK’ LGBTQ following Thanksgiving.
    At least in DDSB. ‘Cracker Jack Surprises’!

  • Chris
  • Chris

    Leaked liz sandals nekked pics

    • Chris

      You don’t want to wake that sleeping bear………time for a nap

    • Justin St.Denis

      Does Liz Sandals sport a “Brazilian”? Enquiring minds shudder at the thought, but take comfort in the fact that her sagging belly would render her Brazilian invisible to the naked eye. PHEW! There IS a God!

  • People voted for her and will do so again.

    THAT is the problem.

    It makes little sense to complain long after the horse has left the barn.

    • They will continue to vote for her because the mainstream media refuses to publish any evidence that is contrary, such as the stuff published on BCF. We don’t have objective journalists anymore providing us with all the facts and allowing us to formulate our own opinions, we have political hack reporters and tabloid junkies.

      • David Murrell

        So true, so true.

      • Justin St.Denis

        BCF barely scrapes the surface of KW, trust me. Theree are “member only” sites with far more, and more damning, information and commentary about Kahleen Wynne. Sometimes, you do have to “join” and even “pay”, but it is so worth it and STILL would cost you less than a MSM subscription which we presume you do not have anymore. 😉

      • I think that is only partially true. Everyone knew about the gas plants and her general demeanor. Ontarians are largely stupid people who just don’t care. Even now, there are people defending the sex ed program knowing full well who co-developed it.