Well integrated Muslim student who wanted to become a Jihadi bride is jailed for 15 months

A wannabe jihadi bride who was desperate for love has been jailed for 15 months today for helping an extremist travel to Syria after an online romance.

Angela Shafiq, 22, advised Mohammed Nahin Ahmed, from Birmingham, about travel documents and how to get past border controls before he left Britain to join rebels in the war-torn country.

The student, who admitted she was worried nobody would marry her, also encouraged him to take a first aid course so he could pretend he was heading to Syria for humanitarian reasons.

Shafiq denied an offence of preparation of terrorist acts after claiming her Skype chats with Ahmed – a man she never met – were all ‘fantasy’.

But the jury at the Old Bailey found the student from Hounslow, in Middlesex, guilty in less than a day.

  • Ed

    I can understand her concern…

  • Hard Little Machine

    She’ll have plenty of ‘marriages’ in prison. Allahu poontang.

  • Gary

    How can so many muslims misunderstand their peaceful quran and think that armed jihad is sanctioned by muhammed.

  • BillyHW

    Is there something on that extra X chromosome that makes women stupid and love rape?

    • Yes, Billy. Quite right, Billy. Women love rape, Billy. We all just want to be raped. All your problems are because women want to be raped.

      And it can’t ever be repeated too often, can it? I mean, if it can, you’re screwed, as it were, because God knows you’ve got nothing else to say, do you?

      I have a suggestion for you: write: Women shouldn’t vote/Women are stupid and love rape/LOL bleeding vaginas on top of ever single comment you make – think of it as a kind of copybook heading – and then, if you can find anything else to say (which I doubt), say that underneath it.

      • BillyHW

        Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing and all women have it to some extent.

        • So all women have been kidnapped? By whom? Andrea Dworkin, is that you?

          Baffling, but it beats “LOL vaginas” for content.

  • eMan14

    Kids need a better sense of self esteem. Among normal people, she’d do ok.

  • tom_billesley

    ” ….worried nobody would marry her”
    Total BS. The parents of any women with right of residence in a western country has no difficulty arranging a marriage with a cousin who needs a spousal visa to get out of an islamic shit hole..