“Shame on” Trudeau, Mulcair for using “images of a dead child as a political tool” #elxn42

Of the three leaders, Stephen Harper had the best response to the tragic death of little Aylan Kurdi, and to the migrant crisis in general.

  • ismiselemeas

    Yep. The whole sorry story is unraveling faster than the conservative campaign in Toronto. The poor child’s picture was staged, the father was never in the boat, the sister is lying and back tracking and the family was never in any danger, not even in Syria. The bien pensant’s have spoken. This single issue has the potential to screw over the election, embroil Canadians in years of fake refugee claims and social stress and on a wider scale have Canada embroiled in European civil upheaval which after Germany’s announcement today is less than 10 years away at the most. That Turkish photographer needs to be seen to and given a shake.

    • Yes, I agree with your less than ten years estimate to widespread violence. Given that maybe thousands of jihadists have infiltrated Europe posing as refugees, it may be less than a year!

      • It took only 3 Million Germans to defeat France… in 1940

        • ismiselemeas

          Germany, in a paroxysm of collective guilt has just assigned Gemany to the dust bin of history, soon to be accompanied by Europe. They have overnight created the conditions to establish an underclass of millions of Syrian migrants with no hope of upward mobility, no chance of assimilation and no chance of meaningful work. Germany has, for the third time in 100 years, set Europe on a path to war, a war that has already been set alight in The Philippines, Myanmar, China’s western borders, the entire Middle East and the entire north of the African continent. 50 years from now historians will mark the Syrian conflict as ground zero for WW111. After the Syrians you can expect the Yemenis to knock at the door (well, kick it in and head straight for the kitchen is more like it).

          • Yeah, Germany is cheerfully self-destructing right now under our eyes. They have gone crazy, and are welcoming those who will lead to their demise. A whole people gone mad. Anyone who objects is labeled a neo-Nazi – no dissenting voice is allowed.

  • The photo showing the boy as having been first found in another location, and then moved to a more scenic spot for the famous photo needs to be spread all over forums all over the world.

    • Very very strange that the MSM is not pursuing the truth…

      • Jaedo Drax

        Willful ignorance, the questions that should be asked aren’t going to be because they don’t want to know the answer, like who are the other 9 people that died, where is the captain, why did these people suddenly decide to leave the safe location in Turkey, but the father still feels that it’s safe enough to take all of the bodies back to the town they are from, why are there no other pictures of bodies washed up on the beach?

      • We’ve seen that again and again. The MSM are not interested in truth, but only in manipulating public opinion in the direction their leftist minds want it to go. Most journalists are criminal liars.

      • mobuyus

        It goes against the sacred “Narrative”.

      • Surele Surele

        very, very strange,

  • DD_Austin

    Stocking the multicultural zoo

    Every politician has to have his immigrants in the background, wearing their national
    dress, saying without words, this one has been bought, and bought cheap.

    Voting for them means good jobs for “our” people at the expense of Canadians, and
    standing here means a federal government berth for me!

  • Surele Surele

    Using photos of a dead child, whatever reasons for the child’s death, for their political gain is a desecration.

  • mauser 98

    the father wanted to go to Germany first for free dental work.. then Canada

  • Gary

    I remember when Olivia Chow was asked about the Human trafficking for sex workers in massage parlours force to sell them selves because they were lied to when they paid to get into Canada.

    Chow being a staunch NDPer said that we need to give them instance access to Welfare and housing to get out of the life .
    Nice Chow, don’t try to focus the problem where women are smuggled into canada , no sir , just screw the taxpayers for more free stuff to get votes to keep you at the public trough as a career parasite you and Jack were.

    Brian is right, Tiny Tom and Justy don’t want to stop those creating the refugees. They didn’t say anything when 200,000 Syrian civilians were slaughtered , suddenly they care because they saw a propaganda photo of the child on the beach.
    Hey Justin , refugees are assure Housing , so where were you in February when a Canadian male homeless person froze to death in Toronto in a TTC Stop Shelter.

    We know you want the muslim votes because they now out number Jews and Aboriginals .