Palestinians have become obsessive “tragedy tourists”

Dear Palestinians,

Lets get a few things straight. You do not get to claim a genocide when your population has exploded. As someone whose family has gone through one, I am telling you to cut that s*** out, it’s offensive and it’s annoying.

You did not “go through what Native Americans went through.” Nobody forced you to speak an alien language, worship God in an alien manner and steal your sacred places. As a matter of fact THAT’S WHAT YOU DID. You stole sacred places, forced indigenous people to speak Arabic and worship god as Muslims. So seriously cut that out too.

  • Chris

    Are you saying the leftwing intellectual mafia are wrong? You must be shouted down and banned from campus immediately.

  • Chris

    Evil Jews demanding existence!?! Those poor palestinians, lovers of liberalism,homosexuality, non violent negotiation, peace, and most importantly religious diversity. Genocide I say……..genocide

    • Chris

      And vote CBC….what does that even mean? The hirsute lady (ish) thing down the street has that sign on her lawn. Speaking of her lawn, it is a foot long and dandelion infested. Her (ish) and her husband drive 750 BMW’S, live in the suburbs in a Mc mansion and preach to neighbors about the need to save the environment. When her(ish) neighbour got fed up with the dandelions he mowed her(ish) lawn with his two stroke Briggs &Stratton. A hippie fit is a sight to see……..scotch time

      • Minicapt

        “Conservatives for a Better Canada” …


      • Justin St.Denis

        I’d love to know how those people with dandelion-free lawns pull it off. In my town, such a lawn gets you a visit from municipal authorities! The Progressives think that is so cool! I think it sucks. And we actually make dandelion wine every year……….

  • Alain

    What an excellent and accurate article from him. Of course some of those commenting pretty much confirmed what he wrote along with the usual name calling while unable to dispute the evidence he presented.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Oh, namecalling happens everywhere. It is not exclusive to the Left. Let’s not get too smug about things. The Right has its own fringe types who constitute a threat to freedom as well. Neither side holds the patent on civil behaviour and social interaction. That is why “good parties” normally feature guests from both sides of the political spectrum who share a commitment to civil behaviour and social discourse. Those who cannot embrace this social contract must reserve their outbursts to anonymous comments on strings such as this one.

      Socialization is essential to functioning as a civilized member of society. Those who cannot participate in social intercourse are the equivalent of pets that urinate or defecate randomly. And we have all encountered these types both on-line and in person. Denial is futile…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Ryan makes the case for Israel better than many Jewish Zionists. It’s great to have him in our corner.

  • barryjr

    Excellent letter, now how long before he is labeled an Apple and a racist?

  • Jay Currie

    But, er, racism… Er, no, Metis…. Well half white privilege and, er, fascist!

    There, problem solved.

    Because the left really have nothing to say to this.

  • Excellent article on the Palestinians by Ryan Bellerose. But I would wonder if his Native American family actually went through “genocide”. Did they survive? Because if they survived then they didn’t go through genocide. Genocide signifies the systematic murder of members of a particular ethnicity, nationality, culture group, or race, and nowhere in the article does Mr. Bellerose indicate that his family was murdered or killed.

    And of course nothing like genocide occurred with Natives in Canada (in some parts of Latin America it could be argued that Native genocide occurred under the Spanish Inquisition). But the forced assimilation imposed in Canada was not the same as genocide.

    Is forced assimilation dictatorial? Is it racist? Is it evil? Are the consequences almost as bad as genocide? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Because many people who have been subjected to it would rather be dead. But forced assimilation is not in fact genocide.

    • Minicapt

      He is Metis, and therefore part-white, and French.


      • Justin St.Denis

        Like about 50% of Québécois, who do not look to label themselves as such. “Metis” is an historical anachronism and a product of British colonialist xenophobia.

        The Brits still go apoplectic over “the frogs”, while the French tend to forget that Britain and the British exist. It’s been like that forever, proving that two wrongs never make right.

        • I’m half French-Canadian myself (mixed with another southern European ethnicity), and according to my family genealogy possibly have a tiny percentage of Native blood way back in my French ancestry. Naturally the latter isn’t important because I think it would be silly to claim that I’m therefore “Native” in some way.

          But I’m wondering what you mean about people today identifying as “Metis” being the product of British “xenophobia”. They clearly have more than just “a tiny percentage”, of both Indian and French.

          Just curious.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Well, why are there no “Metis” in Quebec, even today?

          • I don’t know, you tell me. I’ve never lived in Quebec, although my ancestors are originally from the Quebec City area (and before that, from Normandy, France). And I hardly speak French, although I can read it a little bit. I was raised in Ontario.

            Wasn’t the “Metis” culture something that developed more in Western Canada?

          • Justin St.Denis

            Yes indeed. in Manitoba, specifically. But people of combined French, English and native ancestry make up about 35 percent of Quebec’s population. None of these claim to be “Metis”. Essentially, only geography and cultural circumstance/context differentiate Manitoba Metis from many Quebecois.

          • We’re on the same page with that philosophy. I am in fact bilingual in Spanish, with a flawless accent. Although my father was born in Italy, he mastered English with a flawless accent as well. For similar reasons you mentioned.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I have heard that so often. In a similar vein, I always encourage people learning French to not worry about their English accents as I have never heard a francophone berate an anglophone for trying to speak French. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of francophones learning English. It’s just the way anglophones are wired, I suppose. But success and living well is the best revenge, I have found. And having fluently trilingual kids in primary school really pisses people off, which was a JOY to my wife and me when the kids were in school. 😉