Our Allies! Turkey targets PKK in Iraq; Iran fights Kurdish rebels

Turkey on Tuesday confirmed its special ground forces had crossed into northern Iraq to pursue Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants following deadly attacks while fighting between Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards and Kurdish rebels near the Turkish border have killed four people.


Get out of Iraq and Syria. Go back only when the intent is to WW II all the Muslim terror states.

Let ISIS establish the Caliphate, then glass it.

  • BCF – no one in the West wants to be the first to use Nuclear warheads after WW2. If the Bomb is used, it will first be used by the jihadists against a Western target, unfortunately. Only after that will the West wake up – and even then, I’m not sure our wimp leaders will react forcefully. They will talk a lot.

    • I hope we eventually have real leadership and not the suicidal twits that crowd out the good.

      • Petey the First

        Have either of you read, “Caliphate,” by Tom Kratman. It’s military fiction written in the mid 2000’s. It predicated a lot of what we’re seeing today.
        Free on kindle.

        • Thanks for the tip. I’ve taken note, but am unlikely to read it. Have zero patience for fiction, however pertinent.

          “Military Science Fiction by the Author of A Desert Called Peace and A State of Disobedience. A Frighteningly Possible Novel of the Next Century, Where Europe is an Islamic Stronghold and the Staging Ground for the Final Jihad Against the Great Satan: America.”

      • Yeah, we need real leaders, able to navigate the uphill battle against the MSM and NGO etc. who are monopolizing all discourse.

  • Minicapt

    Designate Syria and Iraq as Special Forces live-fire training areas; advise the local tribes to exercise caution in their allocations of support.