My Syrian Christian friends… are strongly opposed to admitting Muslim asylum seekers into Europe

My Syrian Christian friends—refugees themselves in Bucharest, though affluent refugees—are strongly opposed to admitting Muslim asylum seekers into Europe. They have reasons.

Quite by chance, one just called me, on business. He is an intelligent man of good family. (Christians make up much of the intelligent class in Syria.) He didn’t call to talk politics, but he did anyway.

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  • ontario john

    The media, entertainment and political elites of this country don’t like Christians but will always protect islam. For months now the Toronto Star has portrayed those opposed to the new sex perversion course in schools, as Christian bigoted fanatics. Yet the Star website today has a sympathetic story by a muslim principal explaining islamic opposition to the program. She is stating the same thing as non muslims are, yet the Star sees fit to publish her views. Interesting that one thing she said is that parents have children to spread the will of Allah. I guess we can expect Mohamdick’s little kiddies to grow up in order to convert us heathen.

  • ismiselemeas

    Ahh Takimag, you’d want to have your wits about you commenting on anything there. My favourite other read.

  • Just an aside, but I couldn’t help but notice a couple of the signs in the photo declaring: “Angola regime enemy of Islam”.

    Kinda makes me wonder what all the Left-wing sympathizers of Islam in the West really expect to happen if they give refuge to people like this. Angola is apparently ruled by Social Democrats (think Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, et cetera). Angola was once ruled by hard-core Marxist-Leninists, but apparently the MPLA has moderated to becoming Social Democrat.

    Whatever the case, does Justin Trudeau really think that Islamists will be more accepting of Left-wing or Social Democratic/”soft”-Marxist rule than any other, such as Conservative? These people believe in an absolute theocratic Islamic State, on a global level. E.g.: “Islam will dominate the world”. And from a religious-morality perspective, I would expect that they would be even more upset with being ruled over by purely secular a-moral Socialist infidels.

    So unless Trudeau expects to convert to Islam after the upcoming election, we may well witness the first public beheading of a politician in Canada. The “Toronto 18” conspired, unsuccessfully, to behead Prime Minister Harper. But with the naivete of the likes of Trudeau we may well witness his fashionably-combed handsome little head bouncing down the sidewalk.

    • disqusW6sf

      A bouncing Turdeau head. It is about time.

      • Maggat

        Turds don’t bounce.