Liberalism Doesn’t Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

Sure, their approach to governance may be of dubious efficacy, but their hearts are in the right place. Judging the left by their intentions and not whether their policy prescriptions succeed on their own terms is how liberalism has managed to avoid critical introspection and soul-searching for much of the modern era – even when it is cast into the political wilderness by the electorate. As the Obama era comes to a close and liberalism faces another time out of the public’s favor, its contemporary leaders seem fit to ignore the lessons of its period in ascendance. Liberalism is utterly undeserving of the benefit of the doubt from which it has so unduly profited. That was always the case, but this summer has so plainly demonstrated this reality that it would be pathologically self-deceptive for the left to continue to ignore it.

  • ontario john

    It would appear the liberal elites don’t like any negative publicity. The unbiased media is giving little coverage to French citizen Mulcair’s director of communication this morning, when it was uncovered that he made extremely offensive remarks about Catholics, including telling the Pope to fuck off in tweets. If this was Harper’s aide their would be non-stop coverage about it every day. Some papers are not even covering the story. Of course the media won’t cover this because they want Mulcair as PM, and Mulcair’s aide is a homosexual. The NDP says its ok because the comments were made two years ago. That’s strange, hasn’t the Duffy thing been going on for two years, and it is still relevant.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Yes, agreed. But this “puppet master” thing is equally true of particulars on the conservative side of things. So many seem to live in glass houses these days. I take a lot of crap from people online – conservatives and liberals alike – who object to my level of literacy or education, neither of which I hide. “Crass” and “pedestrian” have evolved into actual “values” that some seem to aspire to, and others wish to enforce. Sad, really, that people have come to feel so powerless. Must suck so much 2B them.

  • ontario john

    Liberalism seems to warp people’s minds. In the opinion section of the Toronto Star website, born again leftist Michael Coren states that if your a Christian you can’t vote for Harper. That’s right, that great teacher of religion insists that if your a Christian you can’t vote for Harper. One of the reasons he gives is Harper’s support of Israel. And of course the standard rants about oil companies, the poor, blah, blah. Strange though, no comment from him about Mulcair’s aide cursing and swearing about Catholics and the Pope. Oh well, he will probably be joining the Church of Scientology next year anyway.

    • Justin St.Denis

      OMG! Coren has gone totally off the deep end. That doesn’t even make sense! I am surprised you could retain the craziness long enough in order to share it with us here. THANK YOU!!!!! That was genuinely courageous! 😉

    • Petey the First

      It’s a mind virus, a cultural contagion. It has many similarities to Islamic thinking. Compare that to SJWs and you’ll see.

      Vox Day’s “Social Justice Warriors Always Lie,” book lays this out very well.