How UK government decided to assassinate Reyaad Khan

The British drone strike that killed a number of Isis fighters, including two British citizens, has raised questions, including how David Cameron’s government arrived at its decision to assassinate its target, the UK jihadi Reyaad Khan. Here we take a look at some of those questions.

How was the decision made?

The decision to launch a military strike to kill a British national, Reyaad Khan, was made in the spring by the National Security Council. The NSC is the UK’s main forum for discussion of intelligence issues. It meets once a week and is normally attended by the prime minister. It was a momentous decision on various levels: to assassinate a British citizen, to do this using a drone and to do it in Syria, a country with which the UK is not at war.

The NSC was briefed on the activities of several prominent British members of Isis, including Khan, Junaid Hussein and Ruhul Amin. Approval was given for further strikes if necessary.


The decision to send these two monsters to hell has caused much clutching of pearls among the usual suspects.

Frankly I wish Canada used drones in the same fashion.