France says taking all refugees would be victory for ISIS

France warned on Tuesday that it would be a mistake for Europe to take in all refugees persecuted by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, and called for a plan of action to ensure the Middle East’s diversity remained despite the mounting crisis.

About 60 countries, including ministers from Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, met in Paris on Tuesday to cement measures aimed at easing the return of refugees, encouraging regional governments to bring minorities into the political fold and ensure no impunity for crimes against humanity.

“It’s very difficult, but if all these refugees come to Europe or elsewhere, then Daesh has won the game,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told RTL radio, referring to the Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

  • tom_billesley

    “…plan of action to ensure the Middle East’s diversity remained”
    Translation – leave the Christians in peril, let only mahometans into Europe.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    No doubt this meeting was conducted over gourmet meals.

  • canminuteman

    Ive been saying that right here for a while. If we take all the Christians out of the middle east we have aided and abetted in the ethnic cleaning of the middle east. We are at war. the sooner e admit it the better. send special forces to arm and train the locals so that they can defend themselves. this type of task is exactly what the Green Berets were created for in the first place. Muslims are basically retarded children. A trained, equipped, supported force of Christians could hold them off indefinitely, as witnessed by the fact that there have been Christian communities in the ME since forever.

  • ISIS has already won.

    We deal with the root cause of the problem or it will continue.

    And anyone without PC blinders can see – Islamic theology is the problem.

    Repeat after me: Islamic theology is the problem. Repeat.

  • Fran800

    Peter Hitchens, the sane brother of the late silly Christopher, has a good take on this situation.

  • lolwut?

    Supposedly Hungary nabbed 2 ISIS members hiding among migrants yesterday
    they got caught because they posted pictures on Facebook posing with guns and fighters in Iraq and Syria. I’m guessing facial recognition played a good part in this.

    Lost the link, but Tommy Robinson is posting lots of good info on his Twitter

  • Hard Little Machine

    FWIW Hungary’s second or third largest political party is Jobbik which is openly and avowedly neo Nazi. I say we let them sort it out. With any luck the pile of smoking corpses in Europe will reach the sky.