Can a New Stealth Bomber Make Up for America’s Crappiest Warplane?

The Pentagon sank $400 billion into the F-35 stealth jet—only to have it come up way short. So they’re working on a secret new bomber to handle the job instead.

Government officials and aerospace executives have met in secret. Engineers have drawn up blueprints, crafted components, and assembled prototypes, all under strict confidentiality agreements. Lobbyists are prowling the halls of Congress and the Pentagon, smiling, shaking hands, exerting influence.

  • FactsWillOut

    Replace a fighter/interceptor with a bomber.
    Perhaps next we can replace the aging B-52 fleet with patrol boats.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just hoist a few hundred nukes into orbit and dial them down as needed.

    • WalterBannon

      they are needed now – over every muslim country.

  • Kinda useless to have anything “stealth” operating at 40,000 feet, when “stealth Islamism” is successfully invading and subverting the West at an altitude of only six feet off the ground.

    Back in the 1800’s, the great Cuban liberator, Jose Marti, once said:
    “A just principle, from the depths of a cave, can accomplish more than an army”.

    Unfortunately, today we are witnessing that the opposite also appears to hold true:
    “An EVIL principle, from the depths of a cave, can accomplish more than an army”.

  • Way too many think-alikes in the group.

    Think outside the box.

    Everything is changing. Robotics are way cheaper.

    How about millions of mass-produced, flying, smart bombs. They should be, light enough, and small enough, to be difficult to target. Have them programed to swarm in a suicide fashion. Need a bigger bomb. Easy. Send in an extra 10,000 one after the next. That would do the same or better job as one big bomb.

    Spending a wad on a big bomber sounds like a fool’s bet. I bet they could have a huge pile of suicidal smart bombs for a lot less.

    • WalterBannon

      how about kinetic weapons launched from satellites

  • WalterBannon

    Reagan had the best solution – orbital space based weapons platforms. Why rely on airpower, manned or drone, when you can target anything from space with more stealth and more firepower than any plane can?

  • Xavier

    We have the weapons needed to prevent war now – but we squandered their effectiveness with the doctrine “we will never use nuclear weapons first”. How fucking smart was that?

  • Brett_McS

    Stealth only works against the high frequency radar used by modern military aircraft. The old, long-wavelength radar picks up stealth planes, no problem.

  • DMB

    A New Stealth Bomber would work well if the U.S. was at war with Russia or China. With ISIS using guerrilla style warfare tactics it will become another white elephant.