Where is the ‘Ummah’ now?

I have just returned from a trip abroad to find Britain and Europe in a state of madness. I will not reflect on any connections between these events. But perhaps a reader could enlighten me as to why in recent days Britain and Europe appear to have decided that Syria’s refugees are entirely ‘our’ responsibility. Other than a generalised sense that we are all human beings, Europeans are about as far down the list of those responsible as it is possible to be.

Neither this country nor any of our European allies have made any significant intervention in Syria’s civil war. So why should Hungarians and Slovakians, Austrians and Poles be expected to bear such a significant responsibility for this?

  • Xavier

    That’s what you bloody limeys get for having an über-tolerant PC culture that hands out free money to nearly everyone who doesn’t deserve it.

    To our British friends: That’s slightly tongue-in-cheek and with great affection. But it’s also true.

    • Amen!

    • Oracle9

      Oh the opposition parties in Canada are getting the vapors at Harper not flinging open the city gates! It’s a cultural Marxist, lefty thing, and it will bring us down.

      • Clausewitz

        Anyone else watch some of Peter Manbridges Attack (er, I mean interview) with Harper tonight. Just going by body laguage alone it looks like Pete wants to jump Harpers throat and apply gotcha after gothcha questioning. Seems that Progressive Pete also believes that Canada should be responsible for “ALL” of the shit going down in the Middle East. Mansbridge is on the edge of his seat leaning into Harper like a bad MSNBC interview. Who wants to place a bet that when he interviews Tommie the Commie and the shiny pony he’ll be all laid back asking questions of Trudeau like “What’s you favorite hair gel”?

        • Oracle9

          And ya know what? Canada will end up like Swedistan, thanks directly to the traitorous media.

          If I tell friends, anyone, that I think Harper is the best PM in decades, it’s like I have leprosy. And yet when I ask what the alternatives are… silence. No one understands the issues, let alone where Mulcair and Trudeau stand on any of them.

          We have a vast uninformed electorate, and I fear that Canada will end up with leadership that will do this country great harm. Cringeworthy. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Gary

      It was the hard working White folks that made Canada great by the 1960’s , that’s when the weasels in Politics thought that Canada made people great .
      That started the wave of these traitors offering FREE stuff to get in power or stay in power.

      Sadly , we now see how the Welfare Industrial Complex is a huge Voter-Block along with the Public sector Unions that are running a Ponze scheme plus the Toronto population that is also 50% immigrants /refugees that need to be appeased .

  • Dana Garcia

    The utopian ummah was always BS. Islam’s sub-tribes were at each others’ throats since the earliest times.

  • Gary

    Why is Canada expected to pay for the damage done by islam.
    These refugees use the same Quran’s as HAMAS and ISIS , did we not learn from the pakistani background Toronto-18 muslim terrorists born here that wanted to use Truck Bombs in hope of slaughtering 10,000+ people in Toronto.

    Toronto is already the most racists City on earth with about 50 different cultures or racial group that self-segregated and demanded Police form THEIR kind to feel like they’re back home and don’t have to obey Canada’s laws.
    The last thing we need is more Muslim-only zones where the people in them hate everything Canada stands for as they hide behind closed doors and curse us from their Mosques .

    The evidence show that muslims cause problems where ever they invade , plus a read a report the 70% of the muslims in Europe are on Welfare and unproductive.
    The Rec Centre in Regent Park was taken over by Muslims that imposed sharia law on those using the Pool that taxpayers paid for.