The annual cost of Islam to Canada rules out a mass influx of asylum shoppers

This article, Canada’s refugee sponsorship process deemed ‘ridiculous’, in the Globe and Mail spurred the following comment by myself, so far it hasn’t been posted by the moderators. (Update it was posted, surprising given the number of comments the globe disallows)

It is prudent to carefully screen potential “refugees”. 

Let us not forget that we have former immigrants, now Canadian “citizens” and the children of immigrants leaving Canada and joining ISIS and the other terrorist groups that are creating these refugees.

Canada has spent a Billion or so on its humanitarian and military assistance in Syria and Iraq.

Add to this the huge cost of containing the threat of Islamist terrorism domestically by the RCMP, CSIS, CSEC and municipal police forces, of increased airport security and the cost of Islam annually to Canadians must currently be running at close to 2 Billion dollars.

This is unsustainable.


I have posted on the annual cost of Islam to Canada previously, it is worth revisiting.  More here.

We cannot afford a generosity of spirit that even Muslims refuse to adopt. 

42% of Canadian Muslims polled agree that Western & Islamic Cultures Have“Irreconcilable Differences” ,think about that.

Let’s concentrate on saving the Christians, discrimination is not always a bad thing.