The annual cost of Islam to Canada rules out a mass influx of asylum shoppers

This article, Canada’s refugee sponsorship process deemed ‘ridiculous’, in the Globe and Mail spurred the following comment by myself, so far it hasn’t been posted by the moderators. (Update it was posted, surprising given the number of comments the globe disallows)

It is prudent to carefully screen potential “refugees”. 

Let us not forget that we have former immigrants, now Canadian “citizens” and the children of immigrants leaving Canada and joining ISIS and the other terrorist groups that are creating these refugees.

Canada has spent a Billion or so on its humanitarian and military assistance in Syria and Iraq.

Add to this the huge cost of containing the threat of Islamist terrorism domestically by the RCMP, CSIS, CSEC and municipal police forces, of increased airport security and the cost of Islam annually to Canadians must currently be running at close to 2 Billion dollars.

This is unsustainable.


I have posted on the annual cost of Islam to Canada previously, it is worth revisiting.  More here.

We cannot afford a generosity of spirit that even Muslims refuse to adopt. 

42% of Canadian Muslims polled agree that Western & Islamic Cultures Have“Irreconcilable Differences” ,think about that.

Let’s concentrate on saving the Christians, discrimination is not always a bad thing.

  • jayme

    Ottawa is trying very hard to become a even bigger multi culture city they turn a blind eye to the ghettos even a area near my house called Bayshore which is more or less a Islamic community now the city wants to replace the baseball field with a cricket field.

    • This is a good election, and the tide is turning in the conservatives favour as the truth about these asylum shoppers filters through.

      • jayme

        If the Ndp or Liberals win that will be the end of the country.

        • Cheryl

          I have been saying that all along. People that I have told that to say I am crazy and tell me the conservatives have to go. I urge everybody to phone the PMs’ office and leave the messages I leave that this government has to stop immigration and refugees from entering Canada if they want my vote. Of course I get no response even after leaving my phone number. I have to wonder am I the only Canadian that feels this way? There seems to be only a few on this site that feel the same way I do. We can’t expect much more seeing there is what 8 to 10 million foreigners living in Canada now? I really think Canada is going down fast and that is truly a shame!

          • jayme

            I think were at the point of no return now.

        • David Murrell

          Yes indeed.

      • David Murrell

        But the truth about the asylum seekers is NOT filtering through, given the pro-Liberal bias in the media cartel. And I certainly disagree with your idea that the tide is turning in the Conservstives’ favour. All is lost. I wish I was wrong and you were right. The end is nigh.

    • marty_p

      I visited Ottawa last weekend and was shocked at how many Mo’s are there. I thought Toronto had the market cornered.

      • jayme

        What part of Ottawa did you visit?

        • Tom

          Bayshore is bad, and South Keys too, I’ve heard, but don’t go there personally. What I have seen for myself is they are creeping east from Bayshore to Lincoln Fields – go to Carlingwood Mall and you are bound to see more than a few bag heads. Downtown (near the Rideau Center) sucks for muslims as well – mostly students, it appears.

          • jayme

            South Keys does not even look like your in Canada and its getting worse now with that said its even expanding west of Bayshore take Bells Corners the Frescho you would be lucky if there is less then 12 muslims at any given time.

        • marty_p

          West end – took my son grocery shopping (he’s temporarily working in Kanata) around Merivale and Baseline.
          This winter my son was working on Riverside Dr and we took him to Walmart at Bank and Huntclub – same thing – hijabs everywhere.

          • jayme

            Yes that’s a bad area however its not the worse South Keys and Riverside South hands down are the most Islamic areas.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            The Stupor Store on Confed is Saskatoon was full of pajama wearers in the middle of winter.
            Thankfully, now that I’m back in civilization, the presence of the Sikhs inoculate the local Stupor Store.

    • mauser 98

      they live in a surreal vacuum powered by endless tax dollars

  • BCF, your comments are absolutely right. The stats are also hair-raising.

  • ontario john

    I looked in horror at tv images on how difficult it was for the Syrian refugees to take selfies of themselves, before leaving for Europe. And then all those pictures of refugees on their cell phones was heart breaking. Its a good thing I noticed on the news that special WiFi sites were being set up in Germany so the down trodden refugees could use their lap tops.

  • Islam is the ebola of social systems.

    Don’t catch it.

    You will wish you didn’t.

  • David

    Germany, the continent’s biggest economy, is by far the most popular destination for migrants. Germany’s ruling coalition on Monday agreed to spend €6 billion ($6.68 billion) more on asylum seekers along with a package of other measures.

    “We lived a breathtaking weekend,” Ms. Merkel told reporters in Berlin. “This can make us proud,” she said, thanking the country’s different states, police forces and citizens for giving migrants a warm welcome.

    Officials have said they expect 800,000 to ask for asylum in Germany this year alone, nearly 1% of its population. In private, several German officials say this figure is increasingly likely to be exceeded. Some 30,500 alone arrived over the past week, according to police estimates.

    I don’t think this suicide will be painless.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    That’s one of the main reasons the Cons should bring Christians from the Middle East ,there are the ones that are really suffering the Muslim regime .

  • pdxnag

    Discrimination against evil is not a bad thing.