Syrian invaders in Hungary: ‘This is the so-called developed Europe?’ It’s supposed to be different to the f&cking Arab world”

In a field 500 metres north of Hungary’s border with Serbia, Mouti, a 50-year-old oil engineer, points at the muddy field around him. Several hundred mostly Syrian refugees have been camped here overnight, surrounded by a thin blue circle of Hungarian policemen. They’ve slept in the cold, if they’ve slept at all. A man lies unconscious, roused only by a splash of water. Mothers rock their babies, looking miserable.

“This is the so-called developed Europe?” asks Mouti. “It’s supposed to be different to the fucking Arab world.”

A Young Asylum Shopper In Hungary

A Young Asylum Shopper In Hungary

  • Norman_In_New_York

    How about that? The streets of Europe are not paved with gold (or oil, for that matter).

  • G

    Then go home. No one asked you to come here.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    If they are really refugees they should be glad to be alive, instead of bitching about how the place doesn’t meet their expectations.

  • Med1

    You are refugees. Not invited guests. You come in another man’s Country with your hands held out and have the balls to complain?!? You are no refugees, you are Illegal Alien Muslim Invaders! You are using the Syrian situation to contaminate Europe with Islaam.

  • The Europeans have PC brain dead leaders.

    The Euro Islamic civil war is on the event horizon.

    • Waffle

      Nothing civil about it Bob. It is an invasion, already starting here on this side of the pond.

  • Dana Garcia

    Did the precious snowflake forget to book a first-class flight to Berlin? Someone should have told him that affecting a refugee pose means enduring rough conditions.

    PEGIDA has protests scheduled for today for Berlin and Dresden so that should be interesting.

  • David

    And their going to get it.

  • Blacksmith

    Well Mouti, if your prior bretheren had assimilated instead of trying to setup little Arabia everywhere they stopped it would certainly be better. Go fix your own shithole!