PETER HITCHENS: We won’t save refugees by destroying our own country

Actually we can’t do what we like with this country. We inherited it from our parents and grandparents and we have a duty to hand it on to our children and grandchildren, preferably improved and certainly undamaged.

It is one of the heaviest responsibilities we will ever have. We cannot just give it away to complete strangers on an impulse because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.

If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow. No doubt the same people are also sentimental enthusiasts for the ‘living wage’, and ‘social housing’, when in fact open borders are steadily pushing wages down and housing costs up.

  • As is often said, hard cases make bad laws.

    As a litmus test, let the more teary-eyed take in these particular refugees. If they can make it work, that’s fine. I am not betting it will be, though.

  • Alain

    He is spot on concerning this situation.

  • eMan14

    Most of those demanding we take in more Syrian refugee’s are hypocrites. They’ll spend our money to make themselves feel good. Their concern for those refugee’s are as shallow as their commitment to them. Once a new “cause” arises, those refugees will be old news.
    The Trudeau’s and MulCair’s of this world, to paraphrase a quote, will proudly stand on the graves of those Syrian children, to gain political points. And that absolutely sickens me.


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  • BillyHW

    My facebook feed is full of bleeding hearts and vaginas.

    • Surele Surele

      well, some major d..cks in mine

  • Fran800

    God bless Peter Hitchens. A piece of sanity.

    I hope our government can resist this. But my heart bleeds for Greece. On top of their terrible economic situation, they have to endure this.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    These Syrians are a poison pill with a tasty coating for the west.

    • infinite_whizdom

      the white man is poison. fucking mutants… the original human was not white.

  • Yes, it is all about subjective self-righteous glow, and to hell with the objective consequences. The people who accept the Muslim invaders with open arm will, without a doubt, and very soon, see the blood and misery that they will sow in their host countries.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    It looks that in the future here in Canada we will see mosques everywhere , the Cons are accepting 5,000 that’s what they said but it could be double.

  • Tom Forsythe

    We are an aberration. Liberty, prosperity, and technological advancement are weird. Slavery, poverty, and ignorance are the norm for humanity.

    If it were easy to inculcate people with the attitudes that lead to success, we could simply do so in the rest of the world. There would be no need for migration.

    But if we allow too many normal people into our country at one time, they will overwhelm us weirdos, and our society will revert to the common state of humanity.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Sometimes, I am actually glad that I am older and likely won’t live to see the coming enslavement. In the meantime, my kids and grandkids are fully conversant in the vocabulary of freedom, and well instructed about the difference between actual theology and a cultist mandate.

  • Justin St.Denis

    My GP is Syrian, and fully supports not accepting a single Syrian U dear the circumstances. Of course, my GP is a practicing Christian and not a follower of the religion of hate, bloodshed, beheading and slavery…, I mean Islam.