NY Times Grabs A Clue: Right-Wing European Parties May Benefit From Migrant Crisis

LONDON — As Europe basks in good feelings over its generosity to thousands of migrants and asylum seekers last weekend, critical voices from the political right and far right are poised to become among the biggest beneficiaries of the continuing flow.

Parties that have been growing in opposition to immigration, the influence of Islam and the European Union seized on the decision by Austria and Germany to welcome the migrants, pointing out the difficulty of now shutting the migrant tap.

And after the shambles of Greece, the image of a European Union seemingly incapable of defending its borders, while trying to impose mandatory quotas on nations for accepting refugees, fit Euroskeptics’ portrayal of Brussels as a European Union capital at once incompetent and domineering.

  • pdxnag

    So, the #1 question is “Who dares to oppose the Islamo-Fascist invasion?”

  • Brett_McS

    The size of the support for these anti-(Muslim)-immigration parties suggests that although the bleeding hearts get most of the publicity and so paint a despondent picture of Europe to the world, it would be premature to right off Europe just yet.

    The problem is that the elites’ world view has taken a massive hit, and as is well known, people will go to extremes to protect their world view from reality. Since they have (for now) the power, their extremes can be very dangerous. But at least some counter forces are mobilizing.

    This is the difference between old Rome and now. Much as it is maligned, democracy does enable something other than just the elites’ world view to prevail without taking the whole thing down in a blood bath. In Roman times there was no (relatively) peaceful option.

    • Alain

      For democracy to enable something other than just the elites requires a political party or at least politicians whose platform offers something other than national suicide.


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  • eMan14

    We can only hope so!