How many Syrian refugees have the Arab world’s six wealthiest nations resettled?

Close to zero.

Because Terrorism.


Pic is Dubai – No Syrians allowed.

h/t TM

  • Ron MacDonald

    Can’t be too careful.

  • Dana Garcia

    Arabs know their people.

  • jayme

    Should it not be a sign some of the most Islamic countrys won’t take these people.

  • simus1

    It is only drug addled rulers in the west who cling to the fantasy that the way to solve all multicultural / fanaticism problems is to import more problems.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    They know their own the best.

  • Observer

    Syrians and fakestanians with fake Syrian passports or identification that comes cheaps in that part of the world.

  • eMan14

    Such is the Big Unasked Question by the western media and political whores.