Witnessing Japan’s surrender in China

The Japanese empire in China had collapsed over night. It was clear to my great-uncle that the Japanese army in Nanjing was not happy with its orders.

“The Japanese army gave me the impression of being extremely tough and dangerous as indeed it had proved itself in battle,” he wrote. “There is clearly no realisation of the extent of the disaster Japan has suffered. It regards itself, with some reason, as an undefeated army which, to its regret, has been ordered by the emperor to lay down its arms.”

  • How extraordinary it must have been for the Chinese to know that their long torture was over.

    And they let in that fatso Mao and things got MUCH worse.

    • The war’s end was no victory for hundreds of millions.

      • A sad irony in that people went to war to free the oppressed.

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    • SM ISAC

      Here’s Mao’s main opponent Chiang Kai Shek’s legacy

    • SM ISAC

      Mao was not unique but rather typical of the warlords fighting the civil war at that time. They all practiced “scorched earth” tactics. For example, US backed Nationalist Party’s boss Chiang Kai Shek didn’t hesitate to order his German trained army blow up the Yellow River Dam on June 9, 1938 (to stop the advance of Japanese army) flooding some 21,000 square miles over several cities and a thousand villages, resulting in about 1 million peasants’ death by drowning, starvation and disease. He was eventually driven out of China by the Soviet backed Mao’s Communist Party, to Farmosa (Taiwan) which was “liberated” from Japan after its surrender on August 15, 1945 and handed to his rule. Chaing Kai Kai Shek crushed the local resistance by slaughtering over 20,000 (228 Incident of 1947) of the civilians there and ruled the country under martial law which was only lifted officially in 1987. During the height of his dictatorial rule he imprisoned 140,000 and executed 3-4,000 political dissidents.

      By the way Chaing Kai Shek’s blowing up the Yellow River Dam was a complete flop as it did little to halt the Japanese army. (Needless to say the peasants were not given any warning, so the present CCP has improved their method as they give one full week notice for evacuation before demolition crew descends to your residence to make way for something better.)

      • Wow.

        And I thought the millions Mao murdered and the abuses his wives suffered was bad.

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    The Chinese Nationalist Government led a fighting retreat to Nanking and then Chongqing as the Japanese unsuccessfully sought their destruction. It was one ot the epic events in the history of WW2. The Chinese people literally disassembled thousands of essential war factories and carried them and the needed raw materials on their backs to safety while thwarting the plans of their hated enemies at the same time.