Syria’s Refugees Feel More Welcome in Europe Than in the Gulf

Searching for a new home, Yassir Batal says Germany and its unfamiliar voices and customs are more enticing for his wife and five children than the wealthy Arab states whose culture, religion and language they share.

Like so many other Syrians who have escaped civil war, the 36-year-old has ruled out heading south through Jordan to Saudi Arabia or beyond. They wouldn’t be welcomed the same way, he said.

  • Martin B

    “Syrians wo want an ‘honorable life’ say that’s something they can hope for in Western Europe, not the Gulf states”

    Being a criminal parasite mooching off jizya from infidels has always been an ‘honorable life’ for Mohammedans.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Why not, when Europeans are handing it to them on a silver platter?

  • Dana Garcia

    Wait, isn’t the ummah supposed to be a big welcoming family of allah bots?

  • granny47

    Of course – invading Europe is part of hijrah, migration, a stealth jihad. Europeans remember nothing from their history.