Spain arrests teen female Isis suspect

Spanish police said they arrested an 18-year-old Moroccan woman on Saturday accused of preparing to travel to Syria to join the jihadist group Isis

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Let her go with one way ticket , that way she will never return .

  • Gary

    I really hope that Canada doesn’t get this level of rabid savage muslims that will; force our Police to cover their faces to avoid being murdered by muslims that were provoked to kill kill kill just because we arrested one of allah’s warriors .

    Muslim are free to walk the streets of canada and don’t need body guards , but several moderate muslims that denounce jihad and terrorism must now fear for their lives in public because there are islamofascist savages among us.
    I never believed Sheema Khan from CAIR that used the CBC for Dawah and told us the 99% of the muslims are peaceful and reject terrorism and violence.
    What Khan meant was that 99% wouldn’t actually do terrorism in Canada at this point because the quruan tells them to wait unitl the have the number to dominate and wage war to steal land from infidels.
    The CBC gave Con-job Khan lots of air-time since 9/11 to prove how islam=peace, but in 2005 Khan tried to get the barbaric and quasi pedophilia sharia law in Canada ……..then just 4 years later Khan’s CAIR was exposed by the FBI in a Texas terrorism trial for diverting donation to a bogus islamic charity used by the Muslim brotherhood buddies of Obama to send over the support hamas terrorism.

    Nice one Khan, you also helped in Arar’s extortion scam for $400 million , your CAIR had also gotten a big donation from the Arar’s settlement of $10.2 million for unproven Torture.
    The University Of Ottawa Law dept headed by a Arab muslim had supplied several witnesses for the Arar inquiry and also got a big kick-back donation.

    Just because the CBC is full of anti-Canada anti-west jew-haters that are also too stupid to research a story……it doesn’t mean that all Canadians are that way and would never find out the truth about Arar;’s scam and CAIR’s ties to hamas .