Illegal Alien Invader Crisis: Sweden the only European country with a majority favourable towards non-EU immigration

If statistics alone are the judge, then the staggering 800,000 to one million refugees who are expected to apply for asylum in Germany this year have put the country streets ahead of all its neighbours in the EU’s response to the worst refugee crisis to hit Europe since the Second World War.

But even in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted that the nation is well equipped to meet the refugee crisis, not everything is perfect. While across the rest of the European Union, the reaction has been decidedly chequered.

  • lolwut?
  • ThomasB

    I wonder what percentage of those 71-77% of Swedes who support bringing more non-EU immigrants into Sweden are women who have been assaulted/raped by muslim immigrants, or seniors kicked out of their homes to make room for the valued newcomers.

    I don’t get Sweden, I just don’t.

    • lolwut?

      Sweden was the architect and chief exporter of the leftist progressive mindset
      you see today that plagues a lot of western countries.

      Leftist groups and agencies actively travel to places like Sweden
      to seek their advice.

      They invited the filth into their lives long ago and now like an abused woman
      who’s been so used, abused and beaten for so long they actively seek the abuse out in some bizarre belief that abuse = love.

      • jayme

        Interesting – I think those are good points. I have heard the suggestion that parents who suffered through the 2nd world war sometimes overcompensated, wanting their children not to have to face the adversities. In other words, they often babied their children. So, the (babied) baby boomers, to a certain extent, never developed the mental toughness needed to fully develop as humans. And generally became leftists and progressives.

        A lot of generalizing here, but still I wonder whether there isn’t some truth in that old idea that adversity strengthens people, and too much success, weakens them. And what’s true for individuals, can be true for societies ….

        • lolwut?

          Adversity does build strength,. Swedes were basically
          living in la la land for so long, like you or I going for a vacation
          on a remote island for so long that you forget what the real world is like until you get back on the plane and then step outside the airport doors.

          Sweden on the other hand chose to share it with the wrong part of the world in the belief that people from the Africa and the Middle east would join in their happiness and everyone
          would sit in a big drum circle singing happy songs.

          I’ve been to Sweden in the 80’s, I went there to see
          what is was really like after hearing all the stories about it being so clean, virtually crime free, all that stuff and ya
          it was a different world.

          Now however, Swedes has turned into abused women
          the ones who will stick a knife in your back to protect their abuser.

          It’s the same mindset.
          Ask any cop what the most dangerous call is
          it’s Domestic disputes that are the most dangerous
          the woman calls the cops, cops come to help
          put the abuser in cuffs, turn their back and then the
          women who made the call sees the man who “Loves” her
          in custody, runs to the kitchen to get a knife to save him.

  • ed

    Estonia not one single mosque in the country , and the law forbids any to be built !

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Maybe this is why the Swedes are still favorably disposed toward Muslim immigration.

  • freedomOfChange

    What? A majority of swedes want to stop or limit the imigration. Also the swedish anti immigration party got 25% of the votes according to a recent poll making it the biggest party in sweden.

    • k1992

      Actually, according to the poll cited in the linked article, a majority of Swedes want immigration to continue: full steam ahead with the dissolution of Sweden as a viable, first world and westernized nation.

      • Minicapt

        Unfortunately … the article is in the Independent, which is running a petition to admit more refugees, indiscriminately, to the UK. And the poll was conducted by the Stats office of the European Commission. These poll results are as reliable as Canadian polls by companies which are active supporters of the Grits and Dippers.


      • freedomOfChange

        Well not really according to this one

        37% wants to stop it. 18% dont know. 33% wants no change. 17% want to increase.