NDP’s Fin Donnelly needs to own up to his mistake #elxn42

Where’s Fin Donnelly? The NDP candidate in Port Moody—Coquitlam is kind of a big deal right now. He’s the reason why Canada has had such a bad rap around the world the past few days.

So much so, #WhereIsFin was trending nationally on Twitter all Saturday.

Why? Because Donnelly told a lie. Or got his facts wrong. Or got confused. It’s unclear, because Donnelly has yet to publicly explain how the misinformation came to be.

  • Martin B

    He was doing his duty, which was to make Harper look bad. Neither the NDP nor the MSM are going to punish him for doing his duty.

  • David Murrell

    Since the corrupt media establishment ignores his lying, why should he bother to fess in up? Nobody cares.

    • Exactly.

    • Millie_Woods

      They’re not referred to as ‘lying pieces of shit’ for nothing.

  • Edubeat

    We are so boring! Why not just invent a really good Canadian sex,spy,murder,bdsm hero story for public consumption

  • Chris

    Regardless of whether he mi spoke or not, he raised awareness about The conservatives lack of compassion for our brother and sister Muslims. Stephen Harper is evil…………..i just threw up in my mouth. I have yet to hear one apology from any msm outlet and frankly I’m not surprised. This country is going to he’ll in a bucket, and the sheeple are enjoying the ride

    • Chris

      Excuse the auto correct. I’m old and this tablet is Liberal educated apparently

  • He is NDP. He will never admit he was wrong.

  • bill smith

    What Fin did is beyond disgusting… he needs to resign.

  • bill smith

    Fin Donnelly NDP has some competition from Hamas…. Who can
    find the sickest way to abuse the corpse of Aylan Kurdi?


  • truepeers

    If he’s NDP and not a pure opportunist he’ll be at a labour day (i.e, union) event in his riding tomorrow. If anyone really wants to find him…

  • lolwut?

    Hate to break it ya guys but this dude is gonna ensure the NDP and Liberal candidate schemes and scams don’t get much airplay.

    Conservative candidate Jerry Bance caught in CBC sting urinating in homeowner’s coffee mug