Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence

Can you spot the Russian intelligence operatives in these photographs?

Can you spot the Russian intelligence operatives in these photographs? Ha! Trick Question!

Pictured: Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison, Sarah Harrison alone, and again with Edward Snowden

By John Schindler of the The XX Committee

The part played by Wikileaks in the Edward Snowden saga is an important one. The pivotal role of Julian Assange and other leading members of WikiLeaks in getting Snowden from Hawaii to Moscow, from NSA employment to FSB protection, in the late spring of 2013 is a matter of record.

For years there have been questions about just what Wikileaks actually is. I know because I’ve been among those asking. Over two years ago, little more than two weeks after Snowden landed in Moscow, I explained my concerns about Wikileaks based on my background in counterintelligence. Specifically, the role of the Russian anti-Semite weirdo Israel Shamir, a close friend of Assange, in the Wikileaks circle merited attention, and to anyone trained in the right clues, the Assange group gave the impression of having a relationship with Russian intelligence. As I summed up my position in July 2013, based on what we knew so far:

It’s especially important given the fact that Wikileaks is playing a leading role in the Snowden case, to the dismay of some of Ed’s admirers and even members of his family. Not to mention that Snowden, as of this writing, is still in Moscow. One need not be a counterintelligence guru to have serious questions about Shamir and Wikileaks here. It may be a much bigger part of the story than it appears to the naked eye.”

“Evidence that WikiLeaks is not what it seems to be has mounted over the years. Assange’s RT show didn’t help matters, neither did the fact that, despite having claimed to possess secret Russian intelligence files, WikiLeaks has never exposed anything sensitive, as they have done with the purloined files of many other countries. To say nothing of Assange & Co. taking unmistakably pro-Russian positions on a host of controversial issues. Questions logically followed.

Now answers are appearing. It’s long been known that WikiLeaks, by their own admission, counseled Ed Snowden in June 2013 to leave Hong Kong and head to Moscow. Contrary to the countless lies propagated by Snowden Operation activists, Snowden’s arrival in Russia was his choice; it had nothing to do with  canceled passports in Washington, DC.”

Especially interesting is the revelation that, while holed up in London, Assange “requested that he be able to chose his own Security Service inside the embassy, suggesting the use of Russian operatives.” It is, to say the least, surpassingly strange that a Western “privacy advocate” wants Russian secret police protection while hiding out in a Western country. The original Spanish is clear: Assange “habría sido la elección de su propio Servicio de Seguridad en el interior de la embajada, llegando a proponer la participación de operadores de nacionalidad rusa.”

Why Assange wants FSB bodyguards is a question every journalist who encounters Julian henceforth should ask. Until he explains that, WikiLeaks should be treated as the front and cut-out for Russian intelligence that it has become, while those who get in bed with WikiLeaks — many Western “privacy advocates” are in that group — should be asked their feelings about their own at least indirect ties with Putin’s spy services.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    More of the usual dirty, subversive tricks from the Lubyanka square. Is anyone still surprised at this point?

    Ever wondered why everybody makes a constant guilt trip out of the displacement of Native Americans and/or Aborigines whilst nothing quite equivalent is argued for the dreadful persecution of the Siberian, Turkic, Kazakh, Komi, Tatar, Volga German, Polish, […the list is quite endless…] minorities at Russian Cossack hands?
    You see, not every misdeed is properly studied, especially when the culprit corrupts a whole generation of foreigners by placing the spotlights uniquely on Western ills:

    If you happen to ask yourself if America has a nemesis, look no further than Russia. It is a remarkable example of everything that is antithetical to the US in every possible way.
    What Manifest Destiny achieved through individual enterprise in the West, the Cossacks did through serfdom in the East. One grew on the concept of individuality, the other trampled with collectivist mannerisms. The former embodies Enlightenment, the latter is Enlightenment’s very definition of the Dark Ages. America bears responsibility, Russia endlessly plays the blame game (which is why it will never acquire the sufficient maturity to become a respected hegemonic power, irresponsible powers lack credibility).
    Russia is the anti-America, in every possible sense of the word.

    Russia, both as a historical and current geopolitical entity, has always been a parasitical nuisance in world affairs. The complete eradication of this Eurasian bastard-civilisation would provide much needed relief. It’s high time for a little dismantling.

    • El Martyachi

      While I agree with your basic premise, that Russia should be nuked, nuked again and then nuked some more, they’re more Mongol than Cossack. And when you’re talking about Cossacks, please bear in mind they weren’t always hatchetmen of the Tsar.

      • Destroyer-Drone

        “While I agree with your basic premise, that Russia should be nuked, nuked again and then nuked some more, they’re more Mongol than Cossack.”


        “And when you’re talking about Cossacks, please bear in mind they weren’t always hatchetmen of the Tsar.”

        Oh don’t you worry I’m well aware of that. It doesn’t negate the fact that where the Cossacks went, feudalism soon followed. When it comes to Russian expansion, Cossacks were precisely the group they couldn’t do without.

  • UCSPanther

    Again, this is why I am very, VERY reluctant to make heroes out of people like Snowden or Assange.

    It always comes out that they are indeed working for, or at least have a working relationship with hostile foreign intelligence agencies.

    Cold War cloak n’ dagger is still very much at play with Russia…

  • Doug Kursk

    I watched an exercise in propaganda on this issue on TVO the other night. Snowden is no fool, and he knows very well that the FSB will be asking more of him than he ever dreamed.

    Traitor to your country, boy. You deserve a hanging.

  • This is history repeating itself.