Vladimir Putin confirms Russian military involvement in Syria’s civil war

Russia is providing “serious” training and logistical support to the Syrian army, Vladimir Putin has said, in the first public confirmation of the depth of Russia’s involvement in Syria’s civil war.

Commenting on reports that Russian combat troops have been deployed to Syria, the Russian president said discussion of direct military intervention is “so far premature,” but did not rule out that such a step could be taken in future.

  • Waffle

    I thought Vlad was partial to tigers. What’s he doing with that poor innocent-looking little thing?

  • Russia has a huge Muslim problem of its own.

    Putin is a fool to get involved in Syria.

    • African

      Russia is unapologetically Christian and it knows how to deal with its muslims
      and the best the anti-Christ West can do is to keep its liberal political-correctness, LGBTQ agenda and islamo-phylic attitudes and ‘human rightism’ to themselves. Can you find something like this in any Western country?
      Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFLv4zAeXaE

      • tom_billesley

        This do?

        • African

          This was a funeral. Show me something like the Russian defense minister below making publicly the sign of the cross as he leads the Russian victory day parade:

          • Yes, a very PUBLIC sign.

          • tom_billesley

            Not at a funeral, it was at an annual Remembrance Day service.

    • Putin is playing all sides to get what he wants.

      He’s dangerous.

  • Destroyer-Drone
  • FactsWillOut

    Assad is the good guy there.

    • African


  • African

    Go Russia go! Support Assad, protect Christians and other minorities in Syria while America and its Western allies are supporting, arming and funding barbaric and genocidal islamic jihadists killers such as ISIS and many many others.

    • Fran800

      Yes. Russia is on the right side. It’s really a no-brainer.

      • African

        Exactly! And I really wish that all the people in West see this Truth.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Because the enemy of my enemy is not automatically my friend. Frequently he is just another enemy.
          In Russia’s case, they are hostile to the west.

          • African

            No. Westerners are by default very hostile to Russia because Russia is different, in its traditional and religious worldview and Westerners think they are ‘sophisticated’ and more ‘civilized’ than Russians and they despise and hate Russia and tried to attack and capture Russia at least three times but Russia keeps defeating them again and again.
            Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeL_nNT-oDs

          • If Russia was so sophisticated, why did it take so long to publish “Doctor Zhivago” in the original Russian?

          • Destroyer-Drone


            Who provided the much-needed supplies to launch Operation Uranus?

            Ah yes, those hostile imperialist Westerners.

            Come again.

  • Fran800

    I sometimes think we (Westerners) have really lost our way. We used to be sensible.

    Here is something to check up on. A book called From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation by Gene Sharpe, first published 1993.

    The book has been circulated worldwide and cited repeatedly as influencing movements such as the Arab Spring of 2010–2012.[3][4][5][6] I believe it was also influential earlier in promoting the “Colour Revolutions” in the countries surrounding Russia: especially note the Orange Revolution and it’s successor, the Maidan. In the Maidan of Kiev, Ukranians were encouraged to “Rise up” against the legitimately elected government of Yanukovich because he hesitated signing agreements that would have brought Ukraine on the path to EU and NATO membership. As it happens, Ukraine election was scheduled in 2015, but the Putschists were afraid they might lose, so it was a case of now or never.

    Sharpe’s theories inspired Neocons to think if they just encouraged insurrections of the “people” they could bring down any tyrants. Remember the thrill of Tahrir Square in Egypt? I remember Occupy types saying they wanted to inspire a Tahrir movement in Canada against the tyrant Harper. They thought we should emulate Egyptians. Yeah, right. That’d be a good idea.

    Gene Sharpe’s ideas were influential in the Occupy movement itself. And who can forget Iggy’s idiotic “Rise up, Canada! Rise up!” Basically it’s Maoism.

  • andycanuck

    I think that’s Russian agent, Pussy Galore, but don’t worry. Shaidle. Pip Shaidle will be able to handle her!

  • ntt1

    that is not a happy cat, looks like Vlad has a grip of death on the poor moggie

  • warrenzoell

    Poor cat.