Tojo On A Stick


  • Finally.

    • ntt1

      Its moulded tofu-lati wirth a solid wasabi core. consuming just one of these is traditionally part of the Sumo convocation, many just aren’t ready for it.

      • andycanuck

        I remember an Iron Chef episode where the guest critic was a Sumo champion. He finished the daintily-presented first course and inquired, “Is that all there is?” It had me laughing my butt off (and the announcers’).

        • ntt1

          those guys train on 15-20 thousand calories a day. lucky he didn’t eat one of the presenters

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            That might make me interested in the show.
            The screams of “posh bints” while getting consumed by swarthy (or is that dusky) exotics would bring some gritty aestheticism to that show.

  • andycanuck

    No, it’s a [Head-eato] Hedito Tojo.

  • I wonder how an Obama would sell, and what flavor it would be,

    • Gary

      It would be Marble swirl and gender neutral by shape, it’s flavour would be Mock-Chicken since he can’t even be a good coward to convince people he fears something like the iran deal he claims will make israel safer .
      It will also have a thin Red Line on the back that moves as it melts and turns yellow from heat , they will cost $50.00 each from his Stimulus Plan to fund Jobs at a Dairy which will sell them for $1.00 if you use Food Stamps or prove you’re an illegal while those with jobs pay $7.00 .
      The wrapper and stick can be thrown away because your great grandchildren will pay the bill to clean them up in the future.

      The leftist wack jobs today that now bash the two Bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 , must not have read up on Tojo because HE refused to surrender when Hito said Japan was finished .
      Tojo assured the emperor that he had close to 5,000,000 loyal Japanese ready to die defending any beach landing on the island.
      His claim was that he had 2 million troops and 3,000,000 civilians , the 5000 Pilots had 2000 ready to be kami Kazi’s and slame into Ship off shore. There were people trained to were a bomb backpack to detonate once they crawled under a vehicle unloaded for a transport ship on the shore, others had sharpened bamboo poles like a peasant with a stick to get close to a soldier and skewer them.
      Tojo also sent out the orders to the POW camps to behead very POW after his coded message if Japan’s island was invaded .

      Gotta love those Liberal Leftists and socialists , they’re usually 3 years too late for a genocide and more than willing to oppose any civilians from being killed even when about 300,000 deaths stopped close to 7 million death of which 3,000,000 for sure would be other civilians.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I notice that they have other “war criminals” in their freezer case but I don’t recognize them.
    I wonder if it is the missionary John Birch

  • bob e

    pretty funny BM