Sonia Sotomayor, Finally Agrees With Most of America: “She Doesn’t Feel Like She Belongs on the Supreme Court.”


Justice Sonia Sotomayor, speaking to a full house at Notre Dame University Wednesday, characterized herself as the Supreme Court’s consummate outsider. She is so much an outsider, in fact, that at one point Sotomayor described herself as being stuck outside her own body—at least for a year and a half after she was tapped for the highest court in the land.

Sotomayor can be at her most poignant when she is trying to explain what it is that makes her feel so different from her colleagues, whom she respects and admires. Her dissenting opinion in a Michigan affirmative action case from last year was the most striking example of an effort to show us that her experiences make her fundamentally unlike many Americans who have occupied the federal bench. Her take on it this week at Notre Dame was a variation on that theme. “I’m very different from my colleagues,” she explained, adding that she’s generally more public and outspoken than her colleagues at the court.

“I am different, and yet I’m not because we’re all engaged in the same enterprise. We’re all trying to come to the right decisions together, and we’re all part of that conversation,” she said. “To that extent, I belong. But will I ever quite feel that I have their same background, their same understanding of the world that I operate on? Not really.”

That’s what happens when you are an affirmative action hire.

  • Dana Garcia

    She set herself apart by calling herself a “wise latina.”

    Funny, I don’t recall Antonin Scalia calling himself a highly intelligent American of Italian background.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Because truly “wise” and accomplished people don’t have to keep reminding people how “wise” and accomplished they are; its apparent.
      She’s nothing more than an affirmative action hire, who is also utterly unqualified.

      • Clausewitz

        Just another progressive shill from the Obama regime.

    • Clausewitz

      I think “Wise Latina” is code for racist purveyor of La Raza.

  • I remember when Sotomayor was being vetted in her hearings. When she was asked about the role of Judges versus the role of Legislators, naturally the expected answer should have been: “Legislators make law; Judges do not make law they only interpret it”.

    Instead, she answered something to the effect: “Judges aren’t supposed to make law, but these days we actually do”, which was followed by Sotomayor snickering.

    That should have disqualified her immediately. Her behaviour in that hearing sent shivers up my spine because I thought about a similar trend we have been seeing in Canada where Supreme Court Judges are over-stepping their boundaries and actually “making law”, instead of respecting the will of the people and our democratically elected Legislators. Sotomayor is definitely an “affirmative action hire”, as is Canada’s Supreme, Beverly McLachlin.

    When was the last time that Stephen Harper actually succeeded in passing Legislation that wasn’t struck down by the Supreme Court on the pretext that it was “against the Charter”? I’ve read the Charter a gazillion times — it’s actually a very brief document. And with the exception of the French language rights sections, it is probably not unlike the constitutions of any of the free Western democracies. Some of the things our Judges are have said that are in violation the Charter are simply not there, not even in legal principle. For example, where in the Charter can one even remotely extrapolate: “Canadian taxpayers must fund safe-injection sites for drug addicts in Vancouver”! The Charter is about guaranteeing citizens’ natural rights and freedoms, not dictating what taxpayers must or must not fund.

    There are other nasty trends emerging in our justice system. For example, there are “activist Judges” that are “coming out of the closet” in our public courtrooms! What the hell do people attending a legal proceeding care about a Judge’s personal sexual preferences and who wants to hear this!!?? They should recuse themselves immediately after pulling a stunt like that. It’s not the time or place to assert your homosexual.identity and has zero relevance to the courtroom.

    My response to a judge who behaved that way, would be: “Well, your Honour I’m glad to hear that you stick your penis in men’s bums. I happen to pick my nose while farting on the toilet!” (it would be worth the contempt of court charge just to see the look on the jerk’s face 🙂 )

  • Observer

    These are dangerous times that could crush us all!

  • She is just one of the multi-culti, affirmative action, clowns who received her position because of factors other than merit.

    May we someday flush this foolish idea down the drain.