Mulcair Dismisses the Idea that Military Action in Syria and Iraq Will Solve the Refugee Crisis

Do you know what it might do? Stop making more refugees:

Mulcair dismissed military action, specifically Canada’s current bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq, as a solution to the flood of refugees that is overwhelming Europe and galvanizing worldwide public attention. …

“When I hear the answers from the prime minister, saying, ‘Well, more war is the solution,’ well, no amount of military action would have saved that child on that (Turkish) beach,” Mulcair said of Alan Kurdi, whose tiny body was photographed washed up in the surf after a failed attempt by his family to flee Turkey for Greece.

“Let’s start acting to save lives immediately. Canada’s done it in the past and we can do it again.”

Never let a dead child go to waste, eh?

A crass joke?

No more crass than exploiting an obviously dubious story with a tragic ending just to take a dig at Harper.

There would be no refugees if the West got off of its duff and liquidated the child-raping artefact-destroyers known as ISIS.

Furthermore, I don’t recall the recently vocal being as upset at the prospect of native Christian and Yazidi population being eliminated.