If French Jews Trade Zionism For Safety, They Might As Well Give Up

Concerned about French Jews under siege from a rising tide of European anti-Semitism, apparently some American Jewish philanthropists wanted to help. Their answer was to hire liberal political consultant Stanly Greenberg to come up with a report that might help the CRIF — the umbrella philanthropy that represents the French Jewish community — come up with better ways of connecting with their compatriots. But Greenberg’s answer seems more like a recommendation to just give up.According to JTA, which obtained a copy of the 70-page report prepared by the consultant for the CRIF, Greenberg thinks they should avoid mentioning Zionism and refer to themselves as “French citizens” rather than “French Jews.” But, like the advice Jewish tourists get for visits to France about not wearing jewelry or head covers that identity themselves as Jews, the advice from the former strategist/pollster for Bill Clinton and John Kerry seems to be rooted in an acceptance of anti-Semitism rather than doing something about it. If that’s the best American Jews can do for their French brethren, they might do better to do nothing at all.