Good Morning

It’s a sloth:

Yawning sloth baby at ZSL London Zoo - July 2015 (c)ZSL

  • Yay!

  • Maggat

    Soon to be a member of the PSAC.

  • ntt1

    here we go with another sloth cycle. Are you aware these creatures spend most of their time upside down, urinating and defecating down , into their fur to the point it actually starts to grow moss?
    A sloth will never fetch your pipe and slippers ,
    Playing stick games with a sloth could easily consume weeks of free time,
    Are sloths demonstrative? I doubt it , and besides who has the time to find out?
    What about exercise? in order to air the beast out, one would require a concierge’s wheeled dolly with a suit hanger frame or perhaps a wagon and how would that look to the neighbours?
    Admittedly, while young the sloth is indeed cute but that is just neoteny, a ruse to draw the mind away from the horrors and cleaning bills to come.