A Brief History of White Privilege

Like most PC concepts, “white privilege” has never been adequately defined. Quite deliberately so — the idea is to have a concept so elastic and amorphous that it can be stretched to cover any given situation, distorted through multiple dimensions, and immediately changeable if necessary. White privilege is a tactic rather than an idea, and to ask for a specific definition is to ask for something that has never been and cannot be.

  • Martin B

    “White privilege is a tactic rather than an idea”

    Yup. Political correctness and multiculturalism are themselves nothing more than Cultural Marxist tactics.

  • canminuteman

    White privilege is reaping the benefits of the civilization my ancestors created, for me, with blood sweat and tears. Create your own damn civilized culture, don’t moch off mine!!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Aand Winnipeg mayor Brian Bowman is a pantywaist.

  • Black privilege is when young black men get to kill other young black men. And then the black community won’t help the police (snitches get stitches).

    Black privilege allows black thugs the freedom to terrorize blacks at will.

    As long as the black community continues to think “white privilege” is their biggest problem, black thugs will continue to terrorize the black community.

    But it is politically correct to blame all black problems on honkies. And liberal politicians like to pander for the black vote.

  • Frances

    All white privilege means is that whites get to pay for everyone else.