Wildrose win in Calgary Foothills by-election is momentous

Prasad Panda, candidate for the Wildrose in the Calgary Foothills by-election, won yesterday with a very significant share of the vote.

  • V10_Rob

    The NDP’s hope for being more than a one-off rests on two things: the splitting of the right vote, and demonstrating to voters that they’re not a bunch of socialist wackos. Trusting that the later will still be in play next time is foolish, so they need to be on their best behavior this first term.

    Were I high muckity-muck in the party, I’d hire a special staffer for each MLA (or at least each Minister). This staffer would generally be a gopher, running errands, fixing coffee… and like the Romans, periodically whisper into the conquering hero’s ear: “All glory is fleeting”. It’d be money well spent.

    Albertans will grumble but would probably forgive the tax and spending hikes IF it results in tangible benefits like needed infrastructure projects or better health services. But if the NDP succumbs to the urge to social engineer by diktat and navel-gaze about gender pronouns and generally fritter away billions on hair-brained schemes, they’re in for a rude awakening.